Nick Lamberti: ‘Whatever I have to do to help the team win, I’ll do’

Philip Zoppi – Sports Writer

Nick Lamberti’s confidence and swagger on the baseball diamond are part of what makes him one of the Owls’ best players.

Confidence is something that Lamberti has always had when playing in any sport.

“I was always brought up to be a confident player,” said the redshirt freshman, Lamberti. “I just wake up everyday and know who I am. I’m a loud kid, but I’m a team player. Whatever I have to do to help the team win I’ll do.”

It’s clear to see why Lamberti has this confidence, as he leads the team in hits with 25, and sports the second best average on the team with a .313 average.

While Lamberti is finding a lot of success under his first year batting for the Owls, that wasn’t the case his previous year.

Last year, Lamberti attended UConn. He redshirted his freshman season at UConn, and decided that transferring to Southern Connecticut gave him the best opportunity to continue his baseball career the way he wanted to.

Southern’s head baseball coach, Tim Shea, knew that Lamberti was going to fit into the Owls’ baseball program right when he met him.

“It was an instant match,” said Shea. “He’s got a great personality, he’s a great kid, and works extremely hard. I felt extremely fortunate to get him into our program.”

One of Lamberti’s biggest reasons for transferring to Southern was the fact that Shea was the coach. Lamberti visited Southern’s campus last year, to see if he would fit in with the Owls after his redshirt season at UConn.  After that, he left that day fully convinced that he would join the Owls the following year.  

“My relationship with Coach Shea is unbelievable. When I first got here on campus I looked at him and knew right off the bat that I was going to fit with him. He told me I want you to be my starting left fielder next year,” said Lamberti.

Batting third and playing left field is where Lamberti started the season, but he has moved around depending on what the team needs.

Additionally, Shea likes how versatile a player Lamberti is and thinks his versatility greatly benefits the team.

“Nick started the year as our three hitter and is now leading off for us due to some injuries,” said Shea. “I’ve also moved him around defensively. He started the year as our left fielder and has played a handful of games at second base for us. He just always does what I ask him to do.”

Lamberti may have an aggressive personality, but he’s able to be patient at the plate. With 80 at bats on the season, Lamberti has only struck out in 11 of those and has managed to draw nine walks.

“When I step up to the plate I look at the pitcher and I know I’m better than him, so I want to be a tough out no matter what I do,” said Lamberti. “I don’t mind getting walked. A walk is just like a base hit. Whatever I have to do to get on base, so I can score for my three four or five hitters is what I’m going to do.”

Since Lamberti redshirted his rookie year at UConn he comes to Southern Connecticut with four years of eligibility. Someone with an intense competitive attitude like Lamberti, is the exact kind of player Shea wants leading his team going into the future.

“Nick [Lamberti] brings it every single day and there’s no challenge or match that he thinks is over his head or too high for him. He’s got a ton of confidence in his abilities, and those are the kind of players I love to have,” said Shea.

The next time to catch No. 3 on the field will be today, Wednesday, April 13 against cross-city rivals University of New Haven.

Photo Credit: SCSU Athletic Communications


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