What are you doing this spring break? Students reflect

Melissa Nunez – General Assignment Reporter

When given the choice to return to Canada or fly to Orlando, Florida, Christian Samaniego, junior business management major, said he was excited to try something new, and decided to visit the sunshine state for the first time this semester.

Canadian born, Samaniego said he usually utilizes spring break for returning home to family and friends. However, given the confidence of spending three years in an American university, he wanted to explore what else the U.S. had to offer and spring break is the perfect time for that. He said his friends from Canada attend Florida universities and he will be spending his time with them.

“I have never been there, so it should be a good experience,” said Samaniego. “Hopefully we will see different water parks and all that stuff. I know the weather there is nice and they have good beaches and being around the younger people, because I know lot of people go down there, just the whole vibe.”

Taylor Moore, sophomore communications major and women’s soccer player, said Southern women’s soccer team will be Spain bound during spring break.

Moore said their Barcelona and Valencia trip has been two years in the making and the girls plan on playing three games, volunteering, sightseeing, as well as absorbing the culture. Moore said she is excited about finally getting to witness a Barcelona soccer game for herself.

“We are going to a Barcelona game and I have always wanted to go, so I am really excited for that and we get a tour of the stadium and everything,” said Moore. “So it will be nice to see that and get a behind-the-scenes look at it.”

Ally Supan, said that after high school she began to favor working through her spring break rather than vacationing, and while she may make time for a trip in the future, currently, she would rather save money for various college expenses.

“I mean, with college I have a job now, so I would rather work to make money over spring break,” said Supan. “I think in the future I will make more time, but as of right now I want to work to have money because college is expensive, for books and everything.”

Kiara Vasquez, a junior elementary and special education major, said, like Supan, she is someone who commonly works throughout spring break, but this year she will be accompanying InterVaristy’s ServeUp trip, an annual New Orleans outreach program.

According to ServeUp online, the program has been functioning for ten years, with inclusion of over 6,000 New England campuses, to help rebuild over 60 homes. Students have the option to register in week three, overlapping Southern’s spring break, or March 18 through the 27, along with other universities such as Eastern Connecticut State University and Western Connecticut State University.

Vasquez said volunteer work is something she has always aspired to do and believes the experience will be fulfilling.

“I have always wanted to get back to community, so I am just really excited to be able to go down and help people out that are in need,” said Vasquez. “Obviously, everyone is always like, ‘oh my life sucks,’ and you see people who actually need help, it will definitely be a really good experience and it will definitely humble me for sure.”

Photo Credit: Melissa Nunez – General Assignment Reporter

PHOTO: Students, Christian Samaniego and Taylor Moore



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