Update on President search for SCSU

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

In July of this year, President Papazian of Southern Connecticut State University will resign and transition to become University President of San Jose State University in California. However, as this is the case at Southern it also has become apparent that President Jack Miller of Central will also be retiring in September of this year.

With the resignation of President Papazian only five months away, the search for a new president will commence in early March. What this entails though is described by President Ojakian of the Connecticut State Colleges in an email sent on last Thursday from Patrick Dilger to all students.

“The selection process includes the establishment of a Board of Regents search committee by Chair Nicholas Donofrio, and a University Advisory Committee with members representing various constituency groups,” says Ojakian. “Both committees will work with an executive placement firm currently on contract, AGB Search, to conduct a national search.”

This is the process by which the new president of the university will be selected. It will be a joint effort by both the Board of Regents and Southern to select the new president. And, according to Ojakian, the Board of Regents has put an effort into ensuring the utmost quality of search is performed.

“We reviewed best practices including recent searches within our system to determine the most efficient course of action,” said Ojakian. “Our goal is to fill these positions with candidates that are highly qualified and continue the great work of their predecessors.”

Beyond this there has been no further released information from Ojakian or the Board of Regents. In regards to the administration at Southern there has also been no more word about the President Search. As noted by Student Government member Nick Charnysh, there has not been any more information, but students will likely to become involved in the process.

At the moment, the only information we have on the President search is from the email that every student got from Patrick Dilger,” said Charnysh. “I’m sure students will be asked to get involved more in the process when it gets closer to when the candidate interviews.”

Photo Credit: Staff Photo


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