Club funding guidelines available on Owl Connect

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

At Southern, one of the biggest emphasis for students, especially freshman, is to take part in some form of club or extracurricular activity. On Southern’s campus though, according to the school’s website, “Southern Connecticut State University is home to more than 100 clubs and organizations. These organizations represent a wide variety of student interests and help students to reach their academic, personal and professional potential.”

That is true to an astounding degree; there is Greek Life, the Karate Club, Folio, Sci-Fi club, and many more. And, as most students will see around campus, often enough there are fundraisers, bake sales, and events hosted around campus. These events are typically used to raise funds or awareness for their club, but beyond these measure clubs do receive their own funding from the school.

However, while most students on campus will understand and be able to witness clubs in action raising funds for themselves, many might not know the process through which clubs receive their school funding.

For any student interested in the process of funding for a club, or how clubs logistically operate and how the University regulates them, Daphney Alston, the assistant director of Student Involvement and Leadership Development, leads students towards the student manual.

“Log on to OwlConnect, click on Campus Links, click on all forms, then open the manuals folder,” said Alston. “In there you will find the student organization manual that outlines the funding process for all of our student organizations.”

As mentioned by Alston, the Owlconnect website [], which is the personalized website for Southern’s clubs, has what is known as the Student Manual. The manual outlines the standard procedures for clubs at Southern, which range from the establishment of student organizations to planning trips and events, etc.

According to the manual, there are a few steps to go through before a club is able to receive funding of any source. Firstly they must be a recognized club on campus; this means that any new club on campus must first go through a probationary period by which the school will then recognize them. Following this the school will allocate an operating budget.

“Pending successful completion of the club transition/recognition process student organizations are allocated…operating budget,” as stated on pages 14 and 15 of the manual. “The [above] budget is to be applied only to events held on campus, open to all undergraduate students, free of charge.”

Now, beyond this school allotment there is also an allowance made out to organizations specifically having events on campus. According to the manual, the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee is allowed to accept proposals from clubs to help fund their events.

“[SAFAC] is a board that allocates SAF [ student activity fund] funds to various student events,” and according to the manual, “The board accepts proposals from recognized student organizations who wish to plan programs and events on-campus.”

While these are two main ways in which the school itself directly helps and funds clubs and organizations on campus. Those clubs who wish to find funding outside of these methods are able to conduct fundraisers both on and off campus, they simply need to apply and go through the procedures.

In regards to the efficiency of  this system, Treasurer of the Bookmarks English Club, Kevin Redline, has found little to no issue, and a sense of support in regards to funding procedures.

“Really I have not run into much trouble at all,” said Redline. “The process is simple enough once you have everything set up, and even if you have issues a quick email to Charlene Cammarasana, who handles club budgets, and everything can get sorted out.”


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