Students get involved at SCSU Club Fair

Melissa Nuñez – General Assignment Reporter

Joining a club can unlock countless opportunities for college students Sara Blatherwic, junior speech pathology, said.

“You get to make connections, good friends, and lasting relationships. It also gives you experience and knowledge of how to handle the world, how to present yourself, or even what you could do to make something better,” said Blatherwic. “It is all about being a part of something that you enjoy.”

Blatherwic said the reason she attended the club fair was to become involved with Operation Smiles because of the connection to her major and for the chance to give back.

club fair

The Operation Smile organization was one of many at the bi-annual club fair in the Adanti Student Center ballroom. Photo Credit, Jene Thomas

“I heard about Operations Smiles from my instructor [and] my advisor, so I decided what better way to engage myself into the community than by joining a speech club,” said Blatherwic. “I love talking to people, but even more, I love the medical aspect of knowing I can help or even just allow someone to feel like there is a difference in the world.”

Jordan Walker, freshman marketing, said he was also interested in the prospect of engaging in a charitable organization, which is why he showed interest in Habitat for Humanity and Alpha Phi Delta.

“I am all about giving back to the community and it is a good way to get away from school for a second and do something that changes somebody else’s life in some way,” said Walker. “I think the world needs more of that. These clubs that give back to the community are a really great thing.”

Sarah Castellano, junior art, said she enjoys the club fair because it allows her to feature her sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, to new people who she may not have been able to meet otherwise.

“I really like the opportunity that Southern gives for the tabling because we get to meet a lot of people that we would not necessarily get to meet at our events,” said Castellano.

Daphney Alston, Assistant Director of Club Organizations for the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development, said students who participate in clubs or organizations during their college careers tend excel more than students who do not.

“It is statistically proven that students who are involved are more likely to be successful,” said Alston. “They have better networking opportunities, they are able to manage their time a little bit better because they have things to block off, like club meetings or executive board member meetings, and they are building really great support systems within those organizations.”

According to Alston there were over 90 clubs featured at this event, but overall there are over 100 active clubs and organizations at Southern, including academic clubs, honor societies, special interest groups, as well as sports clubs.

Alston said the clubs and organizations helped shape Southern into the university it is today and the Club Fair gives students a chance to become a part of that.

“I think our clubs are the heart and soul of Southern, an opportunity for students to find where they belong, to get involved, to help grow their own identity,” said Alston. “Our clubs and organizations offer such a vast variety of interests, friendships, and memories. So it is really great have these Club Fairs to showcase what Southern has to offer.”


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