SCSU on-campus alcohol policy

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter

It seems that the college experience means more than just going to class and the occasional football game. Partying, rampant alcohol abuse and carelessness have also found their way into the hallowed halls of the American university system.

Some students come into college with a drinking problem that is only nursed by the constant college drinking, while others will not even have their first drink until they get to college.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it is estimated that nearly 2,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 die from unintentional, alcohol-related injuries, including motor vehicle crashes.

Hundreds of thousands of others are hurt badly, sexually abused or develop drinking problems. These affect not only the student, but their families, friends and future as well.

This is why Southern Connecticut State University has strict rules set in place regarding alcohol in campus dorms.

Southern is not a strictly dry campus, but it does have rules as to when and where alcohol has a place in the dorms.

Underclassman housing, including Chase, Farnham, Hickerson, Neff, West Campus, and Wilkinson have a no tolerance policy for alcoholic beverages. The occupants of these building are generally underage, therefore no alcohol is allowed.

The policies are different in upperclassman housing. Alcohol is permitted in limited quantities for students 21 years of age and older in Brownell, Schwartz, North Campus, and the North Campus Townhouses.

According to Southern’s Residence Life Student Guide to On-Campus Living, students may sign in one of the following items in a 24-hour span: 72 fluid ounces of beer or malt liquor (a typical six-pack is 72 oz), 8 fluid ounces of liquor, or a 28 fluid ounce bottle of wine.

This is in an effort to prevent students from bringing large quantities of alcohol into their rooms.

SCSU also does not permit students to have alcohol-related paraphernalia in their rooms, including but not limited to, wine and shot glasses, beer funnels and beer hats. They also reserve the right to take these items if they are found during a room inspection.

The policy states, “Games that encourage excessive drinking of alcohol (for example beer/water pong). Kegs, beer balls, party balls, funnels and mini kegs are not permitted in any residential community. In Chase, Farnham, Hickerson, Neff, West Campus, and Wilkinson shot glasses, wine glasses and beer mugs are not permitted. Furthermore, these items are not permitted in rooms in which residents are under the age of 21. Empty alcohol containers may not be kept in residential rooms for decorative purposes.”

If students do not abide by the rules as they are laid out in the policy, there are consequences. It says, “University Police have the discretion to issue a citation for violations of Connecticut State Law for students and their guests that may include a fine, suspension of a driver’s license and criminal charges. Students in violation of the alcohol protocol may receive a referral to the Office of Judicial Affairs and the Drug and Alcohol Resource Center.  Students with multiple violations of the alcohol protocol are at risk for losing their on-campus housing privileges for second offenses.

The full policy, including a complete overview of rules and regulations can be found in the Student Handbook, or on Southern’s website.

Photo Credit: arvind grover


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