Apple products not impressing students

Jene Thomas – News Editor

All around campus, students had a lot to say about some of the latest products introduced by Apple. However, not everyone was impressed with the upgraded gadgets.

“I think they’re unnecessary,” said Melissa Rua, a sophomore pre-nursing student. “They keep trying to extend this whole Apple thing. People want to see what’s next.”

Despite having an iPhone, Rua also she said was also interested in what other companies might come out with, such as HP.

Apple’s launch event on Sept. 9 announced their latest installments to the iPhone and iPad, as well as introducing some of their latest innovative gadgets.

Sophomore communications major, Jesse Manning, said the upgrades don’t really matter to him, just as long as his bill goes down after getting a payment plan for the new iPhone 6s.  

“They’re all the same,” he said.  

Highlighted in the launch event was a look at the new iPhone 6s. With the same dimensions as the six or six plus, the phone will offer 3-D touch. Shown by a 3-D simulation,  just tapping an app allows the user to preview the app without having it fully open it and leave their current spot through force touch.

For example, by scrolling through email, one would just have to hold on email, which will then expand for viewing and then minimize when read.  

The phone will also feature minor changes in its operative functions. It will run in iOS 9.0, which was already released to pre existing phones. The camera will feature a 12 megapixel camera instead of the current 8 MP. The phone will be offered in space grey, silver, gold and a new rose gold for the same price as the iPhone 6 all available for pre purchase now, but not on shelves until Sept. 24.  

Also getting an update is the iPad, receiving the name of iPad Pro. Designed like a personal laptop, the iPad pro will have a 12.9 inch screen and the highest iOS resolution of any Apple device, according to Apple. It, too, will run on iOS 9.  

What’s attracting the most attention, however, is more so a utensil than a gadget. Priced at $99, Apple introduced their new pencil to be used as a stylus for the new iPad.  

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of,” said Jamie Hallissey, a senior nursing student. “They are going crazy just to suck money out of people.”

People have also been turning to social media outlets to express their sentiments for the tool. Controversy arose after users cited original CEO Steve Jobs’ 2007 Apple launch event video, where he can be heard saying, “Who wants a stylus? You have to get them and put them away and you lose them, yuck.”

Handheld devices weren’t alone in their upgrades, as Tim Cook, current Apple CEO, spoke about the changes to the Apple TV. It will now be equipped with a bigger screen and a microphone implanted in the remote that can access Siri. If something was not heard, the user can ask Siri to rewind and then temporarily add subtitles by asking, “hey Siri, what did they say?”

Despite the amount of students having iPhones or Apple-made products on campus, there was a lack of genuine enthusiasm and excitement for new products, substituted by contempt or indifference.  

“I don’t really know much about [the products] but I won’t be buying them,” said Brendan Rascius, a sophomore business management major. “I think they’re the same as before. It’s cool that they’re branching out and coming up with new things like the pencil though.”

Photo Credit: textlad


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