Fitness Center offering classes during first 10 weeks of semester

Philip Zoppi – General Assignment Reporter

Southern’s fitness center is offering free instructional classes for the first 10 weeks of the semester on every Friday. A membership only costs $45 a semester.

Jessica Scibek, Assistant Director of the fitness center, believes all students should try and get involved with the fitness center.

“We really want students to join so that we can help them,” said Scibek. “It’s a $45 fee which sometimes is a turnoff for students but it’s actually a really good value. It’s just $3 a week if you think about it.”

If a student does can not afford the $45 a semester, there are several different opportunities to get involved with.

Lushka Vazquez, a graduate intern at the fitness center, kicked off the free instructional classes this past week with weight training 101. They’re called Free Fitness Fridays.

“I was just getting everyone familiarized with how to use dumbbells, resistance bands and understand body weight exercises,” said Vazquez, “and hopefully by the time you finish the class you will have a basic idea of what to do.”

Over the next 10 weeks the fitness center team will continue to teach students different topics that involve fitness. The events are posted on their website.

With the school year starting back up and classes beginning to get into full swing, the fitness center also wants to provide students with programs that can help them relieve stress.

Already this year they’ve run a program called “Sunset Yoga” to try and get students to experience yoga and possibly meet new friends. Scibek was pleased with the results and is interested in helping students try and relieve stress during the school year.

“This was one of our regular Wednesday yoga classes, but we decided to take this one outside,” said Scibek. “We had about 25 people show up so I thought it went really well.”

There are a lot of other programs that the fitness center is offering in the coming months.

Some of these programs include zumba classes, a CPR demo, and a breast awareness breast cancer walk in October. Scibek encourages people to get involved in these kinds of programs.

“We’re trying to bring fitness to people because it can be really easy but we’re also trying to bring people into the fitness center. All it takes is 10 minutes a day,” said Scibek.

To go along with helping students stay active, the fitness center also hires roughly 25 to 30 students a semester, giving students a chance to make money while earning their degree.

The students that work for the fitness center get certified to teach fitness classes so you’re learning from someone with experience and knowledge.

The experience of these instructors is good to have but Scibek also thinks the fact that the instructors are students makes it a better learning experience as well.

“Being taught by someone who is going exactly what you’re going through is nice. If you’re stressed out about midterms that means your instructor is also probably stressed out about midterms too,” said Scibek.

It’s very easy to get involved in any of these programs. The fitness center is located in room 204 in the Adanti Student Center and they encourage students to stop by and see what they have to offer.

Photo Credit: Jene Thomas – News Editor


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