Owlthon Kickoff held for future “long-standing” event

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

The Week of Welcome hosted a slew of events for freshman and returning students of all years, ranging from drinking milkshakes with Patrick Dilger, to a glow party in the residential quad, and much more. However, during these series of exciting events was one which was the preface for a later school event in December.

The event was the Owlthon Kick-off which took place this Monday outside of Conn Hall. For most people who attended, it was a fun outing of can jam, refreshments and other activities which not only got new students involved, but also returning students.

For those students who do not know what the Owlthon itself is, it is an event which will actually be held on Dec. 4 of this year. What is the Owlthon? As described by Rachel Noto, graduate intern for student involvement and leadership development, and one of the lead people behind setting up the Owlthon, it is a large series of activities.

“The Owlthon is a long-standing event. This is its third year, and we are keeping up with some of the things we did prior. It will be six to 12 hours of dance, we will have Zumba and other sorts of fun games.”

Students will be able to register online to participate in the event. As well there will be an outreach on social media to spread the word about the event. Rachel also mentioned the addition and cooperation of Greek Life.

“We are also working together with Greek Life to get students involved in what is going on on campus but also to get students interested and looking at Greek Life.” So, not only is this event something to look forward to in regards to hanging out with friends, but it will also be a way to get involved with the many Greek Life organizations on campus.

Hannah O’Hazo, who works with the event and is part of the external affairs for Greek Life on campus, told us about the actual charity work involved with the event.

“The event will be fun with all the activities, but we also are donating any proceeds to Yale Children’s Hospital,” said Hazo. “We will be raising money at the event, but students also will be able to donate money online. This is a really great cause and we hope to get everyone involved.”

That is truly what the goal of the event is: to raise money and get student involvement in the project and life on campus. The Owlthon is open to all students and any members of any clubs, not just those in Greek Life, and especially freshman in the INQ classes. Students who are interested should mark down the date on their calendar, Dec. 4, and should wait and keep an eye out for the registration to open up for the event. As well, any student who is not up to going, but would like to donate at any time, keep an eye out for that as well.



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