SCSU staff members confirm future Starbucks in Buley Library

Taylor Richards – Copy Editor

The rumors are true: there soon will be a full-service Starbucks on campus. According to Brad Crerar, the director of the Student Center, SCSU is waiting for approval on the construction plans for the cafe in the renovated section of Buley Library. Construction will start in about three weeks to a month, and the cafe will be finished and ready for use before the semester ends.

“There are different levels to each licensed Starbucks. The lowest level for example is the Bagel Wagon, where we just sell self-served Starbucks coffee,” said Crerar. “The highest level, like a 5, is a full-blown store with mugs and other merchandise available for purchase. We’ll be around a level 4, where we’re not selling merchandise but we’ll have all drink menu options available.”

Starbucks isn’t the only food service that will be available to the Library Cafe this fall. According to Juan Dominguez, the Resident District Manager of Chartwells, the cafe will have an array of on-the-go meal options for students. This year, SCSU has renewed their contract with Chartwells and completely re-designed their meal plans. The on-the-go options for meals at the new cafe will be part of 19 meals a week plan, according to Crerar.

“We’re encouraging students to use their foodloot at places like the Bagel Wagon and the Library Cafe since there’ll be smaller snack and on-the-go options. Any of the 19 meals would better be suited at either the Student Center or Connecticut Hall,” said Crerar.

These to-go meal options won’t only be available during regular dining hours. According to Dominguez, on-the-go food options will be available to students as long as the library is open, and the renovated section of the library this semester will be open later into the A.M. hours.

“There will be someone working at the cafe from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every weekday,” said Dominguez. “After those hours, we’ll have a sophisticated self-checkout system enabled for students equipped with security cameras for late-night snacks and meals.”

By the end of this fall semester, meal and coffee options for students will have greatly expanded with the completion of the Library Cafe. Crerar said that students have been asking for a Starbucks for years, and they’re finally going to get one. Music major Jack Kelly doesn’t have a preference for Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, but after three years at Southern, he’s impressed with the fact that a Starbucks is actually coming to campus.

“Kudos to Southern for paying attention to what the students have been wanting,” said Kelly. “I know people are going to go insane over it.”

Communications major Owen Bigler said he’s excited for all the coffee options that will come with having a full service Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts on campus.

“I love getting macchiatos at Starbucks and now I can get one whenever. It’s going to be nice to have the line die down at Dunkin Donuts too,” said Bigler. “But now the line’s just going to move to Starbucks!”

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart


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