Unofficial club provides members with a “support group” to plan futures

Aaron Berkowitz General Assignment Reporter 

The Brotherhood of Scholarships and Excellence (B.R.O.S.E) club may not be a recognized club according to SCSU’s standards and regulations, but the general consensus of its members is to keep it that way.

Eric “Church Boy” Clinton, freshman business major, said he personally doesn’t want the club to be officially recognized because then they would have to operate under someone else’s regulations vs. their already organic system.

Dr. Quintin Robinson, professor in the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies department and mentor for the B.R.O.S.E club, said the club provides its members with a support group that can help to develop plans for their futures. Robinson acts as the members friend/mentor to the members and is helping some members the importance of creating opportunities for themselves and creating a strong network.

The members of the club come from different parts of the state and country and all bring fresh perspectives to the conversation.

Gabriel Muniz, senior political science major and president of the club, said they are trying to provide a place for people to come and challenge their ways of thinking and looking at situations.

“At the end of this journey or road that we’re on, we are all aiming towards building a future. Looking to move forward. How you engage in environments like this will determine how you shift and will shape in the future. If you’re not challenging yourself, changing, and growing then you’re doing something wrong,” said Robinson.

Joshua Green, sophomore pre nursing major and member of the club, said since joining Robinson has put him in contact with people who he hopes will contribute to a bright future.

“I joined B.R.O.S.E when it first formed,” said Greene. “Quintin connected me with the Associate Dean for Quinnipiac’s school of medicine because he knows that I eventually would like to become a doctor. Being able to connect with him was a blessing from God.”

The club meets every Friday at 2:30 pm in room 221 in the Student Center. They have around 20 active members and are open to anyone interested.

Ray Lucas, freshman sports management major and vice president of the club, said all they ask of members is to be able to conduct themselves in a professional manner once they are in the meetings.

“I don’t care if you turn up on the weekends as long as you’re being safe and when you walk through the door to our meetings that you’re respectable and productive,” said Lucas.

Each meeting covers controversial topics that may not necessarily find its way into a classroom and also includes food for each of the members to enjoy. In their latest meeting the club discussed the importance of making a solid first impression and the various ways you leave an impression without using your words. They also discussed the importance of consolidating with someone else before making a big decision.

“It’s kind of like a classroom for them outside of the classroom,” said Robinson.

“I feel like every time I come to a B.R.O.S.E meeting I learn something new.   Everyone brings their own opinions and insights to the conversations so even if you don’t agree with what another brother is saying you now have a new perspective,” said Clinton.

The club has hopes of further expanding their total number of members, the network of organizations they collaborate with, and are planning to buy t-shirts in the near future.

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