SPOOF: Owls guard transfers to UCONN

Bobby Martinez – Sports Writer

After two years at Southern Connecticut State University, Owls guard Michael Mallory has decided to transfer to the University of Connecticut due to the departure of both, senior Tylon Smith and Luke Houston.

“I had no choice,” said Mallory. “It was a very tough one, I am not going to lie, but seeing that they both are gone, I don’t know if I can be happy here anymore.”

It’s a shocking twist to a season that didn’t end the way the Owls hope it would have ended. It’s a blow to the team that came out of left field, said Owls head coach Michael Donnelly.

“I’m really shocked by this move,” said Donnelly as a tear trickled down his face. “I really had high hopes for this kid in our program. To see him go to UConn, I can’t be bitter and not dislike him as a person, but I just think he had a better chance of making some noise in basketball if he stuck with us.”

Mallory, who scored 18.3 points a game this season in 32 games, played a major role in the Owls fight to the Sweet 16 where they suffered a devastating loss to Southern New Hampshire Penmen, 75-58.

Mallory said, the main reason why he struggled so much against the Penman was because his mind wasn’t really into the game, he was focused on how to break this sad news to the team. He said junior forward Stefon Williams knew this all along, but never said anything because Williams is the first person who suggested Mallory transfers.

“Stef came into my room one night while I was playing NBA 2k 15,” said Mallory, “and said ‘bro, I think you have what it takes to play D-1 ball. Look at your situation now, you just scored 1,000 points and you’re just a sophomore. Next season, Tylon and Luke are gone. You can stay and score even more, but I think you should spend your last two seasons at one of the top schools in the country and try to make it to the NBA.’”

Mallory continued and said, “I was shocked he said that to me. But he made sense so I reached out to Kevin Ollie and we spoke. He was very happy about me making this decision and said he will do anything in his power to make it happen. Next thing you know it, I went to UConn, signed my transfer papers and was all set.”

With Mallory transferring, it will be up to Desmond Williams, Michael Bozzuto, Jonathan Paul and Dominic Migliaro, to pick up the scoring load next season.

Bozzuto said he is the happiest that Mallory is leaving because he now has the chance to play a lot of minutes and try and shatter the all-time three point record at Southern which is held by  T.J. Trimboli [221] from 1996-2000.

“I will now shatter that record,” said Bozzuto. “Why you think I always shoot three-pointers whenever I get into the game? I’m a shooter. I will make 150 of those next year, trust me. Then my senior year, I will shoot for 100 of those. Then, I will go down as the best shooter who ever wore this uniform.”

With the Owls now in off-season mode, Donnelly said he has no choice but to forget about Mallory and focus on next season.

“I’m not really worried,” said Donnelly. “You know why? Because I am a great coach. I built this program from the ground up and kids want to play for me. I hope we play UConn next pre-season again, I will make sure Bozzuto lights them up from deep and scores 50.”

This article was written for the April Fool’s issue. All information and sources are fictional.

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