Today: Jul 12, 2024


Members and supporters of Connecticut Breastfeeding Coalition standing outside Buley Library, New Haven, Conn., March 29, 2018. (August Pelliccio).

Southern named first breastfeeding-friendly campus

August Pelliccio – News Writer Two Southern alumni now co-chair a coalition whose initiative is to bring the social justice angle to accommodating new parents who are community members in our faculty

Basketball plays exhibition with UConn

Michael Apotria – Special to the Southern News The men’s basketball team traveled to Storrs, Conn. on Nov. 5 to play an exhibition game against the four-time NCAA Division I champions UConn

SPOOF: Owls guard transfers to UCONN

Bobby Martinez – Sports Writer After two years at Southern Connecticut State University, Owls guard Michael Mallory has decided to transfer to the University of Connecticut due to the departure of both,