How to finish the semester strong and avoid the end-of-year slump

Jene Thomas – General Assignment Reporter 

There’s a little over a month left of school. The semester ends on May 9, but people are already getting tired of school.

Whether it’s the dwindling attendance rates in class or the lackadaisical walks across campus, the evidence is overwhelming. However, with spring break coming to an end, it is important for students to know that the end has not come yet. School is still in session and it is important that everyone remains focused.

By following a few simple guidelines, the end of the year slump won’t seem like such a big hurdle.

Set goals
Although everyone is different, people generally come to college for the same reason. It is the place where people go to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. With all of the different career goals people set, individualized goals also need to be set.

Now is the time for students to see if they are on the right track. Set goals for attending all of the remaining lectures, regardless of how boring the class may be. Showing a dedication to class, despite how the semester may have started will show professors that the student is actually interested in gaining an education. When the time comes to get those recommendations, those professors will remove the improvement made and speak kindly on it. The positive feedback will provide enough motivation to continue the semester.

Be realistic 
Don’t set goals that can’t be attained. Midterm grades just came out. If a student has C’s or D’s in their classes, getting straight A’s for the semester is extremely unlikely. However, by setting grade goals for middle or high B’s are achievable.

Also figure out what it takes to get those grades. It is up to each student to figure out their best way of finishing off strong.

Plan Ahead
Despite the weekend snow, spring is here. Not to put a rush on things, but summer closely follows spring and it may be time to figure out summer plans. It isn’t too late for many summer plans but time is running out. One of the best ways to maximize time at the end of the semester is to figure out how to spend the summer.

The time for lazy and unproductive summers is coming to an end. College students need more work experience in order to make it in the real world. Many internship application deadlines are approaching. When that email comes, offering a summer job or internship, the feeling of bliss and accomplishment cannot even be described.

Take Breaks
Keeping active and involved in schoolwork is the best way to get through the end of the semester. Finding what gets a student motivated is extremely important and they must remember to work hard throughout the entire semester. However, every now and then, breaks are needed.

Even though snow remains to cover the campus, warmer weather will come soon. That will give students the perfect opportunity to get outside and get some exercise.  The sunlight mixed with the exercise will increase the body’s natural endorphins, causing the body to escape winter depression and feel happier. With the remaining days of the semester, people still have time to reach those weight loss goals. As few as they may be, it is a good enough time span to stay proactive.

Reward Yourself
To refresh, a lot of good things come out of the second half of the spring semester. People have the summer and all of those plans to look forward to. For those who aren’t necessarily happy with their grades right now have time to change them if they work hard enough.

Despite all of the rewards that can be provided, it is important for students to reward themselves with incentives. It gives them something to look forward to.

Photo Credit: Derek Torrellas

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