Tips on getting through midterms

Adrianna RochesterGeneral Assignment Reporter

The middle of the semester means cooler weather and getting ready for Thanksgiving break, yet it also marks the time to start studying for midterm exams.

With so much on your plate, it is easy for stress to pile up and cause anyone to get overwhelmed. However, before having a meltdown there are ways to tackle midterms so that it makes it not so stressful.

Before sitting down to study any materials for exams, it is important to know exactly what you have to study for.

Before your professor mentions anything about exams, it is okay to mention it first: find out the format the exam will be in and what topics will be included on it. Knowing this gives you an idea on what to prepare for when the day of the exam comes.

Also, use the professor’s office hours to your advantage. The more effort they see you put into your own education, the better the end results will be.

When it comes to studying, location is key. Everyone studies best in different environments. For some students, studying in the library is better for them, while others find it more comforting to study in their dorm rooms or in study groups. Regardless of where you are, at home or on campus, having somewhere to go is a good way to help you focus and discipline yourself when it comes to preparing for midterms.

Since we live in a technologically advanced society it is a great idea to stay off of your cellphone while reviewing materials for exams. Even though our phones connect us to the world, they are also a constant distraction. During your study time, consider activating the “do not disturb” feature on your phone. Ignoring the outside world from time to time can be very rewarding, especially when it comes to studying.

Creating a study guide is another useful tool. Sometimes professors allow students to use them on the exam and even if the professor does not, it can still be used as a helpful way to prepare.

No one can have a proper study session without food or snacks. Always have something to munch on close by because when you are studying, as you are using energy to concentrate and to retain the information, consuming foods refuels both your brain and body.

Another important tip is to also take frequent breaks. While preparing for midterms it is important to take a step back and allow yourself to relax before resuming or moving on to the next topic. It is also important to pace and organize yourself.

Cramming for an exam is not a good idea. Your brain works better when it has had time to take in information, rather than forcing yourself to quickly remember a ton of material.

Many college students work either full or part time jobs during the semester. Adding the stress of midterms on top of when students are trying to balance in their lives is tough. This is why it is always a good idea to request a few days or a weekend off from work. By taking days off from work you give yourself extra time that can be used to focus primarily on school and midterms.

One last important tip to remember is to get a lot of rest. Everyone functions best after a good night’s rest.

Midterm grades are in the hands of the students, not the professors. There is no way around them. The only way to get through exams is to take them and the best way to go about doing so is preparation over procrastination. The longer you take to study, the more stressed out anyone may feel. Minimizing stress is possible by following these tips as well as discovering what study methods work well for you.

Photo Credit: Adrianna Rochester – General Assignment Reporter


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