Available use of facilities limited for open rec hours and intramurals

NEW HAVEN–The open recreation hours in Moore Field House should be adjusted for all students, according to Eric Clinton, freshman business major.

“I feel like they should definitely make them earlier in the day, as well as late at night,” said Clinton. “Especially for commuters, because they are such a big part of our community and to single them out would be wrong.”

Whether it is to stay active, stay healthy or to relieve stress after or between classes, students like Clinton are searching for an outlet.  However, this seems to be an issue when it comes to open recreation hours in Moore Field House.

Assistant Coordinator of Athletic Facilities Joe Hines

Assistant Coordinator of Athletic Facilities Joe Hines

Currently, the open recreation hours are from 6:30-9 p.m., Monday to Friday.  Intramural sports take the times from 9-11 p.m.  These times are not always convenient for students, according to Joe Hines, assistant coordinator of athletic facilities.

Hines said athletes and academic classes take priority in Moore Field House.

“The issue is the academics hold it from 8 a.m. until usually 3 p.m.,” said Hines.

Hines admits the athletic department made attempts to give non-athletes more opportunities to use the facilities.

“We’ve tried weekends about three years ago, where we were open from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m and that failed because nobody showed up,” said Hines.

Spring Intramurals
5 on 5 Basketball                                                          Jan. 27 – Mar. 11, 2015
B League 5 on 5 Basketball Volleyball                         Jan. 27 – Mar. 10, 2015
Floor Hockey                                                                Jan. 27 – Mar. 9, 2015

You can join up until Jan. 26 Spring outdoor sports have not set dates yet:
Outdoor soccer

Even with limited access to the campus facilities, students have found ways to be active on campus as a way to help with the dealing with the challenges of college. Joining the intramural basketball leagues has helped students like Kjell Tyson, sophomore exercise science major.

“It’s a good way to get you out of your dorm and helps you to relieve stress and just to get a good workout,” said Tyson.

Ben Carlson, sophomore undeclared major, said  his involvement with intramural has increased his social life.

“You get to come out here with all your friends and meet a lot of new people,” said Carlson. “This is a good way to make new friends and get involved.

Participating in intramurals keeps students occupied, according to Devonte Adams, a student worker for campus recreation.

“It’s something to do. A lot people sit around their rooms not doing anything, and this is a great outlet to being fit and meeting a lot of new people. I met a lot of new people just playing, and also refereeing,” said Adams.

Hines said that with the plans for a new recreation center potentially being built in the near future, the new facility would be dedicated to students, rather than athletic teams at Southern.

“It would be specifically for all students. First priority will be our students,” said Hines.

Once the new facility is built, Moore Field House will be strictly for athletes and academics, according to Hines. He said by doing so, students will have more time to use the newer recreation center at any time of the day.


Fitness and diet often top the list of interests at the start of every new year. Journalism students in the fall News Writing course, with Professor Cindy Simoneau, reviewed current and future access to fitness activities, healthy eating and counseling services.

Students who prepared the project are: Hannah Spreckley, project editor; Kathryn Burton, Meghan Cole, Trevon Freeman, Emili Lanno, Xavier Lassiter, Alex Roberts, Jared Silberkleit, Derek Torrellas and Monica Zielinski.

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