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Students review Apple iPhone 6

Dylan HavilandSpecial to the Southern News

Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 6 hit, shelves this week and has been all the rage amongst SCSU students. According to Apple’s website, the new iPhone 6 bolsters a brand new size with a screen size measuring 4.7 inches, and 5.5 inches on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Along with a surpassingly detailed resolution that packs a 1334 x 750 on the iPhone 6 and 1920 x 1080 on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Now in their hands, SCSU students reach out to give their new opinions on the latest technological marvel in smart phones.
There is a saying that first impressions leave the biggest impact. To SCSU students, the iPhone 6’s first mark left a positive impression.

Bryan Nagel, a resident advisor in Neff Hall, is a new owner of the iPhone 6.
“It’s a lot bigger, I mean the screen size than the last one,” said Nagel. “I had the iPhone 4 before this and it’s kind of like a big upgrade, and it’s a lot lighter too.”

SCSU student Jasmine Barada replied similarly.

“Actually I chose the smaller size rather than the bigger size because seeing it in person, it looks like you’ll be talking on an iPad,” said Barada. “Even the smaller size is bigger than the other iPhones, so it’s a transition but nice so far.”
But what students really love is the pristine camera the iPhone 6 comes with. With 1080p HD at 60 fps and focus pixels, according to the camera is more detailed than its predecessors.

“The camera is a big change to the old one,” said Nagel. “The front focusing camera when you are trying to take like a selfie is better than the actual camera of the older phones. I was very surprised, the quality is excellent.”

To some students, the question arises that whether the camera may be too detailed, mainly concerning the focus pixels.

“Honestly the camera has been driving me crazy,” said Barada. “It’s supposed to be so much better but honestly I don’t know if it’s too clear to the point where it makes your face look fake.”
Similar problems were mentioned by SCSU student Veronica Young.

“I take a lot of selfies so when I take a picture the quality’s so good it actually makes me look bad,” said Young.

The selfie community is now up the task of dealing with extreme detail and focus. Certainly a lively issue with college students who are so involved with photography apps such as “Instagram” and “VSCO Cam.”

When it came to the final verdict students certainly appreciated all the new features of the iPhone 6. Yet along with its price without an upgrade and large features final recommendations to buy the smartphone are completely up the students and their preferences for having the latest technology.

“I say if you have an older iPhone, then yes it is worth upgrading,” said Nagel. “If you have the 5S I do not think there is a big need to upgrade to the new phone. But coming from a 4s perspective it is definitely worth the upgrade.”

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