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Disability Resource Center not utilizing student note takers

Tamonda Griffiths — Editor-in-Chief  Jessica Guerrucci — Managing Editor Southern’s need for student note-takers has been eliminated with the introduction of a new system called Note Taker Express. The issue with the previous system, said Disability Resource Center director Goldie Adele, is student note-takers were not providing quality notes “Our main goal is the student,” said Adele. “That’s our focus, helping

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Reducing Southern’s carbon footprint one solar panel at a time

J’Mari Huges — Copy Editor In Southern’s continuous effort to reduce the university’s carbon footprint, solar panels have been added to the Fitch Street Garage. The Sustainability Coordinator Suzanne Huminski said the panels, which are built over the garages, allow students and faculty to continue to occupy spaces and will produce electricity that does not create any adverse impact on climate. Huminski

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Working for free at an expense

Melanie Espinal – Special to the Southern News When it comes to publishing professional writing for free, it is hit or miss, said Chelsea Green. The work can either hit really big – or fail miserably. A lot of websites like Huffington Post pay writers little or nothing at all, and technology has a lot to do with it.   Green, an

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Computer Science Club now offers technological assistance

Jene Thomas – General Assignment Reporter  The 10 students circled around the long table with their own separate laptops at hand as they looked intently at the projection screen that displayed coding for the small computer operating system, Linux. Working with and trying to understand computer codes is only one of the activities that the new computer science club participates

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