Today: Apr 19, 2024



Technological world taking over our society

VIRGINIA CALCAGNI — Staff Writer Welcome to the world – the technological world that is.  Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and countless other social networking sites are something that people cannot seem to
Maggie Federico searches through applications on the new Buley Macs.

Computer Science Club now offers technological assistance

Jene Thomas – General Assignment Reporter  The 10 students circled around the long table with their own separate laptops at hand as they looked intently at the projection screen that displayed coding

Working for free at an expense

Melanie Espinal – Special to the Southern News When it comes to publishing professional writing for free, it is hit or miss, said Chelsea Green. The work can either hit really big – or

Product review: Apple Watch

Natalie Barletta – Opinions Editor Tick, tock. On Monday March 9, Apple released it’s newest product-the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch, which will be available for purchase on April 24, is the newest

Product Review: Samsung Smart TV

Gabriel Muniz – Special to the Southern News  Smart TV’s, like the many “smart” devices that operate interactively and autonomously, are the epitome of user friendliness.  A TV with voice-activated control, 3-D

Google Glass: Gone but not forever

Gabriel Muniz – Special to the Southern News  In recent years Google topped tech news headlines as it dabbled in everything from self-driving cars, delivery drones and contact lenses, among other projects

SCSU launches new mobile app for students

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter  Southern recently took yet another leap into the technology pool with the introduction of the SCSU Mobile App. The app, available on the Itunes Store, is