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Jelly shoes make a come-back

Vivian Englund – Copy Editor

You most likely remember jelly shoes as those sparkly plastic shoes from the 90’s that your mom made you wear on the first day of second grade. If you find yourself reminiscing in those days, or watching old episodes of “Full House” gawking over D.J. Tanner’s outfits, you’ll be happy to know that jelly shoes are back with a vengeance.

Jelly shoes technically made their comeback during spring/summer 2013 London Fashion Week, but have proven to be more accessible throughout the course of 2014. JuJu Jelly Shoes hit the catwalk in designers Manuela Dack and Clements Ribeiro’s collections last year exclusively donning transparent versions of the shoe.

If you prefer shoes with a little lift, designers have stocked jellies that have small heels; similar to the ones you probably played dress-up with when you were young. Craving a little bit more height? There are plenty of full-on platform versions of jelly shoes, fit for the next Spice Girl wannabe.

If platforms aren’t your thing, you’re in luck too; companies like American Apparel have a flat lattice style shoe that comes in an array of different shades. In terms of style, the classic jelly shoe is more reminiscent of a sandal. These, too, are suitable for those who can’t bear platforms.

Styling these jellies is a little different from when you were eight. The catwalk had models donning angular skirts and midi-length dresses. Jellies are also perfect to wear on an everyday basis. Coordinate them with your favorite jeans and a cropped shirt or sweater and you’re on the right track.

An easy way to style jelly shoes paired with a skirt or dress is to wear tights or socks. Wearing tights with jellies adds depth to an outfit, and is a great way to show off your shoes in the fall without feeling the breeze. Pairing frilly or feminine socks with jellies is a nice touch because it gives any outfit a unique detail that isn’t overbearing or uncomfortable. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to wear that quirky pair of socks.

The JuJu Jelly Shoes that were on the runway appeared to be exclusively transparent, lacking color. However, the brand has a large array of colors to offer on their web store. If your thing is something pastel, glittery, or more opaque, simply colored- they have what you need. They even have printed jellies, for the brave fashionista.

As for the upcoming autumn season, it’s looking like the opaque colors are going to be popular.  Lilac, white and black jelly shoes are what seem to be most prominent on shelves thus far. With that, colorless transparent shoes are on the menu this fall.

The pricing for JuJu’s are $34.99, which can be considerably pricey considering we probably got our third grade versions for $10. If high-end jelly shoes don’t tickle your fancy or your budget, smaller online shops offer strikingly similar alternatives for around 20 bucks.

A word of advice when purchasing jellies- be mindful in the way they fit. If you do not get the right size, or break them in ASAP, they will be painful and leave blisters on your feet. An easy way to prevent this is with the aforementioned socks or tights. Jellies follow the rule of: the prettier the shoe, the more pain they cause. Not to say that that will stop us from wearing them on a daily basis.

Photo Credit: Shari Alisha 

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