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Search for jobs on campus grows in popularity

Photo Courtesy | Southern offers different types of jobs on campus including desk attendants and summer associates.

Juliemar Ortiz – Special to the Southern News

An on campus job. It’s the best kind of job for a student, said Rocco Bocchetta, a freshman at Southern.

“I love having a job on campus because it’s less of a commute and I get to work with my peers,” said Bocchetta, who works as a Computer Lab Attendant in the residence halls.

Finding an on campus job is difficult, according to Hannah Thill, a sophomore nursing student at Southern. However, working on campus is most convenient for students, especially for those who live on campus.

“I see all these students working on campus and I just want to know how they got jobs,” said Thill. “I’ve been trying for a year and it seems impossible.”

Every semester there are job opportunities for Southern students right on campus. According to Robert DeMezzo, associate director of Residence Life, there are six different employment positions offered to students.

“We have almost 200 student employees,” said DeMezzo.

Jobs offered by the Office of Residence Life are: Desk Attendant, Computer Lab Attendant, Summer Associate, Resident Advisor–these are the most attainable. Other jobs like Computer Graphic Designers and Operations Assistants are limited and offered to students who have worked for Residence Life previously.

DeMezzo said although the application deadline for the Resident Advisor position for the Fall and Spring of the 2013-2014 academic year has passed, there are still other employment opportunities for student who would like an on campus job over the summer and in the fall.

“The applications for DA (Desk Attendant), CLA (Computer Lab Attendant), and Summer Associate will be available in April,” he said.

All the Residence Life Employee applications can be found and completed online on the Residence Life webpage on the Southern website.

The Dean of Student Affairs Office also offers jobs for students. There is a program for graduate students to work as graduate interns in university offices. These offices include the Office of Residence Life, the Student Life Office, the Counseling Services Office, the Fitness Center and the Wellness Center, to name a few.

There are different requirements for each student employee position on campus. For some jobs, students must have the required GPA. Other jobs might require that students have a certain amount of credits. One thing all students will need before they apply for any job is a resume.

According to the Southern Career Services website, “Getting started on your resume can be a daunting task. The prospect of selling yourself to potential employers in only one or two pages may seem impossible…”

Career Services offers students assistance completing resumes. There are resume templates on their website and they welcome students to stop by their office located on the first floor of Schwartz Hall.

Involvement on campus can also help a student land a job.

DeMezzo said, “For the RA position, being connected to the campus is a plus.”

He said one requirement for students applying for the resident advisor position is to include a recommendation from their hall director. They do this because the hall directors know their residents. DeMezzo said there are some cases where hall directors ask students to apply for a position because they know them well and have seen their skills and how responsible they are. For any student who wishes to become employed by residence life, it is a good idea to let your hall director get to know you by joining hall council and attending residence hall programs.

“If you want to be recognized, you have to show your face,” he said.

Photo Courtesy | cucareerservices.blogspot.comSouthern offers different types of jobs on campus including desk attendants and summer associates.
Photo Courtesy |
Southern offers different types of jobs on campus including desk attendants and summer associates.

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