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Students turn to the library for studying assistance

Photo Courtesy | Hilton C. Buley Library is a useful tool on Southern’s campus.

Kathryn Burton – Special to the Southern News

Time must be set aside for studying. In order to ensure good grades in class, students must study the course material, said Sean Smith, a sophomore at SCSU.

“I set aside the time to study my materials at night. I try and stay focused, but sometimes I cannot find a decent place to study late at night,” he said.

Smith said that there are some nights when his hall is a zoo regardless of the quiet hour rules. It could be two in the morning and noise or something else will distract him from studying for his classes.

“I have no other place to go. I wish the campus library was open late,” Smith said. “I would go there and study even if it is just to put myself in new scenery.”

The H.C. Buley Library, which is located on SCSU’s campus, opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and closes by 4:30 p.m. on Friday.

Senior John Rivnyak said that for some students 11 p.m. is late enough, but for others on campus, especially for those students who study better in the late hours, 11 p.m. is too early.  Students who study better at night may have trouble finding a quiet enough place to study.

“I personally do not study in the library, but I know those who do.  If the library was open later I am sure that students would take full use of that opportunity. I am positive that students would be happy if it is open until 2 a.m.; extending the library hours only three hours,” Rivnyak said.

Derek Rodriguez, the author of Understanding Library Impacts on Student Learning, says that according to the newly revised draft of Standards for Libraries in Higher Education from the Association of College and Research Libraries, “Libraries articulate how they contribute to student learning, collect evidence, document successes, share results, and make improvements.”

The Association of College and Research Libraries says that as colleges and universities struggle with this challenge, academic libraries are also seeking ways to communicate their contributions to student learning. Studies have shown about a 65% increase in students’ GPA’s when attending the library and using the library sources provided.

“I think the hours during the week for school are reasonable, unless like me, you like to study at night. Sometimes when the Library is closed the Farnham Programming Hall; which is located in Farnham’s basement, is open for studying. So I go there to study,” said Taylor Cassell, a sophomore at SCSU.

Cassell says that though the hours are alright, he wishes that Friday’s hours would change. Students who spend the weekends on campus try and get their homework or projects done at the beginning of the weekend.

Cassell, Rivnyak, Smith and other students have made it clear that even though they find ways to study with the hours given, it would be beneficial for students if the hours were extended past 11 p.m.

Students who study on their own for several hours a week have shown more academic gain than students who study in groups with their peers.  Scott Jaschik, one of the three founders of “Inside the higher ED,” said this in an article he wrote called “Academically Adrift;” which is a book that was being released by the Chicago Press in 2011.

Junior John Ghobrial said he loves to study in the library by himself.  He believes he gets more done when he is by himself.  He said that if the hours of the library were extended to just 1 a.m., it would be beneficial to the students studying.

“I am an avid studier. I like the fact that I can go to the library and get my work done without being disturbed,” he said.

Ghobrial, agreeing with Cassell, said that the library only being open until 4:30 p.m is nonsense. They both said that if the hours for the rest of the week had to stay the way they were and only Friday could be changed, they would be okay with that.

There are some problems with extending the hours of the library, said Christie Bevis, a freshman at SCSU. She said, although it would be a beneficial idea to extend the hours, who would work or volunteer to work later?

“Staff that work on campus would like to go home after a long day of working, just like students here.  After a long day of classes we want to sit back and relax.”

She said that campus would have to find somebody who is willing to work until 1-2 a.m.; which could be difficult.  They already work hard throughout the day helping students in any way possible. The school would need to find volunteer students who were willing to stay up late and run the library.

Nicole Labrecque, a sophomore at SCSU, and Ghobrial, said she would consider working or volunteering at the library if it meant it was able to stay open a few hours more.

“I study late at night.  I usually do not pick up my study material until 11 p.m.  After classes I have work and then after work I want to relax for a while before I study. Having the library open later, would give my friend Kate and I a place to study.”

John, the author of an article “The Best and Worst Places to Study in College,” says that college is all about studying and reading, writing and researching, and focusing and concentrating.

He said that the library is absolutely the best place to study on a college campus. The quiet atmosphere helps to stay focused.  The best spot is to go to a top floor and find an isolated area; this will really help the student focus and help them in future college endeavors.

Photo Courtesy | southernct.eduHilton C. Buley Library is a useful tool on Southern’s campus.
Photo Courtesy |
Hilton C. Buley Library is a useful tool on Southern’s campus.

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