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Do-it-yourself craft: Festive faux porcelain

Mackenzie Hurlbert – Copy Editor

This fun mason jar craft is really easy and a great way to decorate your dorm for the wintry weeks ahead. It’s a cute, do it yourself decoration that serves multiple purposes. Use it for brushes, pens and pencils, or to collect that spare pocket change. 

All you need is:

Photo Courtesy |
Photo Courtesy |
– One Mason jar that’s smooth on all sides
– One hot glue gun
-White, matte spray paint

 1) First line your workspace with newspaper and make sure it’s well-ventilated (and if at all possible when using the spray paint, move outdoors).

2) Place your smooth-sided mason jar on the newspaper and heat your hot glue gun.

Photo Courtesy | bassability.blogspot.comTo begin this craft start with mason jars.
Photo Courtesy |
To begin this craft start with mason jars.

3) Make sure you know what design you want to put on the jar. If it’s snowflakes, draw or print out a simple snowflake design and practice drawing it out. You want it to be accurate when you use the glue gun or else it will look messy.

4)  Using the glue gun, carefully draw your design in glue on the side of the jar. Make sure it dries thoroughly before doing other sides. Once you have finished putting the design on the jar in glue, let it sit and dry until all of the glue is no longer tacky.

5) It’s recommended to move outdoors: Using white, matte spray paint, paint the outside of the jar evenly. This may require a couple coats, but once you have finished, let the jar dry.

Photo Courtesy |

6) You are done! Your snowflake design should look embossed on the jar, and now you have a well crafted and decorative holder for whatever you may need.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to add your own unique twist to it! This craft suggests using a mason jar and creating snowflake designs, but now that you have the basic steps down, feel free to apply it to whatever glass object you like. Also try different designs, paint colors, and combinations. Maybe glue some rhinestones around the base! Just think outside the box… or in this case, the jar!

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