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Ask Annie: Hanging onto an old flame

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Dear Annie, 

 I’m living in the past, and I can’t seem to shake these feelings. I keep thinking about an old boyfriend that I dated two years ago and getting back together with him. However, he has a new girlfriend, but I can’t help but think there is still something between us and that I should tell him what I’m thinking. 

We talk and see each other sometimes. When that happens, all my feelings come rushing back and I always wonder if he feels the same. I try not to think about all of this and past memories, but I can’t help it. Is this normal to always think about my ex-boyfriend? And it’s all so weird because he is constantly in my dreams; its like so annoying!! And they aren’t boring dreams either, they are usually sexual. Please help!

Sincerely, Hanging onto an old flame

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Dear Hanging onto an old flame,

Okay honey, well it’s definitely normal to keep past memories close to your heart, as well as feel old feelings towards someone you’ve dated. That’s normal. But if those feelings are becoming more intense and you’re feeling more desire, than it seems that you never really got over him and want to be with him. The dreams might not signify that you miss him, but rather you’re just feeling sexually deprived and he was your last contact with sex. 

If you tell him this one thing deary, please be careful. Since he is with someone else, his reaction might not be in favor of you or what you want to hear. But in telling him, you’ll know now what his true feelings are when he sees you. Two things; you can either let go completely and try your best to move on—which I know is harder than it sounds—or you can be totally honest and see what comes with it. 

Love, Annie

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