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Ask Annie: How to tell if he’s ready to commit (Online Exclusive)

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Hey all, Annie here!

I realized that people can’t get enough of the loving lately, and many questions have been coming in (from mostly females) about commitment, how you can tell a guy is NOT ready and wants to still play around with all the other fish in the sea.

Well listen, we all reschedule dates and meetings, that’s life. But once he starts rescheduling dates and plans with you that you were looking forward to spend with him, watch out. That’s not a good sign and can lead to trouble; he might even be sneaking around. Keep a watch out if he cancels more dates than he makes.

Next, if he just broke up with someone else, don’t expect much. He is probably not looking for commitment, and chances are that’s why his previous relationship ended. But what will happen? Sex. Careful with these types of guys, of course it can work out and maybe you two really are meant to be, but go slow.

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Also, watch out for those guys who can’t seem to keep his eyes only on you. If you find him scanning the bar and nodding in all different directions to girls when you two are out, lose this one and lose this one fast! If he isn’t checking you out when he’s with you, Honey, just drop him at the door and start scanning the bar for yourself.

Lastly and most importantly, remember that you are the priority in the relationship. Nowadays, everyone has stressful schedules. But when the weekend comes around and he’s solely making plans with his friends to hang out – that is NOT cool. You deserve to see him; after all he is your boyfriend! Making time for your significant other is important and if he or she doesn’t see it like that, dump ‘em. Trust me, you can do much better.

As always, beautiful people, stay safe!



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