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Bingo a hit for Homecoming

Mackenzie Hurlbert – General Assignment Reporter

Who knew a letter and a number could cause such hysteria? The crowds of students held their breath as the next and possibly winning combination was called, “B…10!” Groans of disappointment and little yips of glee echoed through the Student Center ballroom until a voice rang out “BINGO!” with slightly belated enthusiasm. Then, everyone groaned in disappointment and watched as the victor ran to the front podium to get his or her prize.  The envious sighs eventually transformed into an applause and laughter, as the victor, smiling, returned to their seat, prize in hand, and a new round began.

Mackenzie Hurlbert | General Assignment Reporter
Southern students prepare for the Bingo Night.

From the start, students knew it would be an eventful night on Wednesday, Oct. 10. With the admission price of one dollar, students were given the opportunity to win an iPad, gaming systems, and other high-priced items. The line of eager students stretched from the ballroom entrance to the top of the Student Center stairs. Everyone was apprehensive at the thought of getting that lucky card and Dab O’ Ink blotter.

“These are pretty good prizes for only a dollar [for admission]. I’m looking forward to hopefully winning an X-Box for my little brother for Christmas,” said Hannah Palmer, a freshman nursing major. “And I personally love bingo. Most people are like ‘its for old people’—no it’s not. I love it!”

Also a freshman nursing major, Christie Bevis was excited while waiting in line before the game. “The prizes are really awesome this year,” said Bevis. “I really didn’t expect such big prizes.”

Mackenzie Hurlbert | General Assignment Reporter
Guest Host Mike Galbicsek throws candy to the crowd before the game begins.

The prizes were quite valuable and varied from iPod shuffles, to a Nintendo Wii, to a couple flat-screen TVs and Blu Ray player sets. The prizes also included a camera, an iHome, an iPod touch, Bose speakers and headphones, and a PlayStation 3 among others. In total, there were 15 games of bingo, and for each game one prize was awarded. If multiple people got bingo at the same time, which happened surprisingly often that night, then the prize would be split up by dividing its cash value among the winners through gift cards.

Before the games began, guest host Mike Galbicsek, hall director at Schwartz Hall, riled up the audience by throwing candy and snacks to the crowd. The barrage of granola bars, chocolate, chips and salted peanuts put students on their feet, laughing and waving their arms to catch his attention and some candy.

While Galbicsek riled up the crowd, Marcus Diorio, Eric LaCharity and Nikki Hutchinson, the individuals who made this event possible, prepared for the upcoming fifteen rounds by setting up a projection of a board in which they could mark the numbers called. With mics in hand and bingo balls rolling in their cage, Diorio and Galbicsek began the first round of bingo, which could be won by achieving a normal bingo, or five diagonally or in a row.

The first round went to Christina Cordoza, who received an iPod shuffle. “I never won anything ever,” said Cordoza, who previously hadn’t owned an iPod. “It was fun, it was exciting… something to do on a Wednesday night!”

As the night progressed, the winning bingo style changed from five in a row to making an ‘X’ to a lucky number seven. The final round was a cover all style bingo, in which in order to win, your board has to be completely full. The winner of this round was to receive a 40” television, a Blu Ray player, and a couple movies. This round went to three separate winners, so by way of awarding the prize, the cash value was split up amongst the three.

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