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Academic advising starts now for the future

IvyLee Rosario – News Writer

Every mid-semester, Southern students are faced with the dreaded decision of picking out classes for the following semester. For most students, choosing upcoming classes comes too fast and is something that is too early to think about, said Karen Forte, 21, psychology major.

“I haven’t even met with my advisor or looked up classes to take. Its just a stressful process,” said Forte. “I wish someone could just do it for me.”

With registration quickly approaching, it is time for Southern students to meet with their major advisors to discuss the plans for the upcoming class selection.

“With the help of advisors, the registration process is much quicker, especially if a student has an advisor that trained properly on how to do it,” said Frank LaDore, interim director of academic advising. “We want students to be graduating on time so we need to make sure they are taking the proper classes for their major.”

The advising process entails the student having a meeting with their major advisor or inquiry teacher if they have not yet declared a major. Students then go through a packet called the “degree evaluation” which has a list of classes that a student must take, both university requirements and particulars needed for their specific major. The student takes this as a time to ask questions about any classes they don’t know about or concerns they have.

“Advising is such an important process for both the student and the professor. It gives us a better chance to get to know them,” said Yi-Chun Tricia Lin, advisor and director for women’s studies. “We don’t always get to have one on one time with students unless they specifically come in to see us so it is a nice way to communicate with the students in that specific major.”

In order for students to register for classes, they need to access their Banner Web account and proceed to the registration section. There, they choose what term they want to check classes for and then they can look up specific courses by major.

Students receive a special six-digit pin from their advisor that they need to enter in order to register for classes. Each year has a different date for registering: seniors on Nov. 6, juniors on Nov. 12, sophomores on Nov. 14, and freshmen on Nov. 19. There are also ways to pick classes on an earlier date such as being a note taker, or part of the Disability Resource Center.

“I like being able to choose classes early because it gives me an advantage of getting the classes I want and not having to worry about the spaces being filled, then I’d have to wait another semester,” said Forte.

With the help of professors during registration, a student can endure knowing that they know all about the process and any potential obstacles they may face. Lots of general education and even major classes have a sequence in which a student needs to take certain prerequisites in order to continue with taking a genre of classes. Another problem students may face is when a certain class is only offered during a certain semester.

“Its really important that we have the best advisors for these students. They need to know the different parameters that are involved with picking classes,” said LaDore. “Some advisors can even help map out a schedule for the entire year which would make the process even easier for students. We don’t want anyone stuck in a corner senior year spring semester because they are stuck needing a class only given in the fall.”

With the help from advisors, students can ensure they have all the details necessary to create a schedule that works for them and are on the right track when it comes to picking classes.

“The purpose of having these meetings is to interact with and meet new students. We get down to the more specific details that aren’t shown on the print version of just a list of classes,” said Lin. “It goes beyond just us advising, but really helping each and every student have an easier academic year.”

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