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Chris Murphy takes on Southern

Robin Glynn – News Writer

Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy, who is running against Republican Linda McMahon for a seat as a Connecticut’s U.S. Senator, spoke to a room filled with supporters and protesters last Wednesday.

Robin Glynn | News Writer
Chris Murphy talks over important political issues to Southern faculty, staff and students last week.

“I really feel as one of the younger people in politics, I have an obligation to stand up for you,” said Murphy.

The event was sponsored by the College Democrats who hold voter registration, talk about current issues, debate and have information sessions as well as have guest speakers.

“The senate race in CT is one the most important senatorial races in the county,” said Alix Lawson, president of College Democrats.

Murphy said that there has been an assault by Republicans on contraception, preventative health care and pay equality.

“It is an attempt by the right wing in Washington to reverse women’s rights about 50 years,” said Murphy. “The fight as to whether we are going allow that to happen is going to be waged right here in Connecticut over the course of the next six weeks.”

According to Murphy, Linda McMahon claims she is pro-choice, but she is really not. He said if she was elected to the U.S. Senate, she would vote for a leadership of her party that would “stop at absolutely nothing to overturn Roe vs. Wade.”

Murphy said that McMahon supports the Blunt Amendment, which would allow employers to end birth control for employees. He said McMahon would overturn the law that says women cannot be treated differently than men when it comes to health care costs.

“Linda McMahon would be a disaster for women’s health care,” said Murphy.

Murphy said he is proud of his record when it comes to women’s rights.

“We were able to pass a landmark law,” said Murphy, “that require insurance companies to cover prescription birth control, to make it part of the basic preventative health care package.”

Murphy has supported the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which helps women fight pay discrimination.

Murphy said McMahon supports a tax break for millionaires, including a $7 million tax break for herself, while he doesn’t support that and thinks that money should be put into the hands of middle class families, the education system and possibly towards lowering tuition.

Murphy also said that McMahon has said she does not know why he focuses on women’s health care and that he should focus on economic issues.

“This campaign is going to be about issues,” said Murphy. “Health care is an economic issue.”

According to Murphy, he has worked to make college more affordable for students. Murphy, along with Congressman Joseph Courtney, worked to pass a bill to prevent the interest rate on Stafford Loans from doubling from 3.4 to 6.8 percent.

Robin Glynn | News Writer
A group of protestors hold up signs of concern at the Chris Murphy event in Lyman Hall.

According to Murphy, cutting the student loans to 3.4 percent was done with no addition cost to tax payers; it was taken from subsidies that were given to big banks.

Emily Duszlak is on the fence when it comes to voting for either Murphy or McMahon.

“I need to know more about him and I think if I do more research then I will get a better idea,” said Duszlak.

Duszlak said she is apprehensive because everyone is different, but she did like some of the issues that Murphy has fought for.

“I think he was really on track with the women’s health care and their rights and the Lilly Ledbetter Act. That was really important to me.”

When it comes to voting, Lawson encourages college students to excercise the right to vote in not just the presidential election, but state elections as well.

“I would want Southern students to know that they do have a voice as a student body,” said Lawson, “and that it hasn’t been heard in the past because people have not focused on this campus. We are trying to let students know that they can make a difference by voting.”

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