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Student Center doesn’t run on Dunkin

Eliezer Santiago – Photo Editor

Class starts in five minutes, but the line to grab a quick coffee is 15 minutes longer. Many students have been caught in this situation at the Adanti Student Center before. It’s a reoccurring issue every semester: the never-ending Dunkin Donuts line.

“If you have a class at 9 a.m. and you want to get a coffee or a quick snack then there’s no point unless you get here extra early,” said Nathaneloe Raymond, senior.

Located on the plaza level of the Student Center, Dunkin Donuts is tucked away in it’s own niche of the building.

“With a small space like this we can only fit about six people behind the counter,” said Sebu Ballar, manager of Dunkin Donuts. “I wish we could put more people behind [the counter], but we can’t.” On average, a regular Dunkin Donuts sees about 300 to 400 customers a day, but the Dunkin Donuts on campus serves about 1,200 students a day according to Ballar.

“Too much demand not enough supply, that’s what it comes down to,” said Gabriel Gill, senior. But unlike the Bagel Wagon in Engleman Hall, the food isn’t ready made for students to grab on the go. Depending on the order the wait time in the Dunkin Donuts line can be different. Ballar says that the average time it takes to serve a student can be up to a minute and a half or shorter, but can be longer if a food item has to be made.

“They need to have a better system to work,” said Catellia Casey, senior.

The long lines are troublesome, but students like Raymond suggests that if Dunkin Donuts were moved to another location the service can be faster.

“If I were a student,” said Ballar, “I would be mad too, to wait in a line for 15-20 minutes, but there’s both sides to the story.”

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