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New Student Orientation


Elizabeth Dishian — Editor-in-Chief —

New Student Orientation staff members created a Youtube video to the music of Carly Rae Jepsen’s number one single “Call Me Maybe”.

Eric LaCharity, assistant director to student life, submitted the video to the Teen Choice Awards Website as a part of the “Can you, Call Me Maybe” video contest. The NSO video, among a couple other videos were chosen to air during the Teen Choice Awards.

Ciara Chaley, senior orientation ambassador, said she heard about the contest on the radio and joked about how they should submit the video NSO had made.

“We made the video for fun and to show during the [orientation] sessions,” said Chaley. “Then towards the end of June we heard about the contest.”

The NSO staff is excited that the video was chosen as one of the winners for the contest and that they cannot wait to see it on TV said Natile Sabino, senior orientation coordinator.

Jackie Ajello, senior orientation ambassador, said “the whole staff has been so excited, ever since we heard the official word that we would be on the Teen Choice Awards. And we have no idea which parts are going to be used so we’re anxious to see that too.”

Erin Dyer, senior orientation ambassador, said her favorite part of the video was when Sal Rizzo and Denise Bentley-Drobish let lose and have fun.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Dyer, ” showing students that our faculty can be a great time and I think it makes them less anxious about coming to the University.”

Ajello said she couldn’t pick one part that was her favorite because everyone is hysterical and there are so many funny details through the whole video.

The whole staff has been posting the video and sharing it all over social media to spread the video even more said Sabino.

The Youtube video is supposed to air on Sunday at 8 p.m. during the Teen Choice Awards.

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