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Southern community takes a ‘stand against racism’

Freddy Heredia Staff Writer

Throughout the past week the SCSU community has come together to take a stand against racism.
Sponsored by the YWCA, the Office of Diver­sity & Equity Programs, Mul­ticultural Center, Programs Coun­cil and SCSU NAACP hosted a program April 27 in the Engleman Hall rotunda as they asked for students to sign and take a pledge for the National Stand Against Racism Day before marching across campus to show their support.
Julie Jones, a political sci­ence major, was one of the students at the event asking for passing students to sign a pledge and handing out shirts to com­memorate the national stand. Jones said there have been events throughout the week, but Friday’s march throughout campus grabbed many people’s attention for those who have yet to hear about the stand against a national issue.
Jones said Southern brought in youth from the community and had 10 students speak on personal issues with racism. There was also a video-viewing on “Stand Against Racism.”
“We are going from Engle­man to Conn Hall,” Jones said. “When students see a bunch of people walking together, other people are going to be wonder­ing what it is about. We had two tables [Thursday] at Conn Hall, and we have gotten a lot of people and pledges, and are really happy people are taking time to do this.”
Many students’ atten­tions were drawn to the pledge board to participate in the fight against the existence of racism in the country. Kayla Tiska, freshman psychology major, stopped at the crowded table in the rotunda and agreed that everyone should be aware of the issue and come together.
“I think it’s something that needs to be acknowledged and I was more than happy to sign for it and participate in making the issue known. It’s a really good cause,” Tiska said, “I think it’s awesome and unify­ing the student body, as well as bringing people together—people that believe in a good cause. I think it’s bringing out posi­tive vibes from the student body, so I’m all for that.”
Eliminating racism and celebrat­ing the richness of diversity is the main objective for those involved in the event. For Jean Pierre, senior interna­tional business major, the peti­tion sends one big message: the community at Southern does not comply with racism.
“Today we are going to take a stand against racism,” Pierre said. “As you know there was a recent incident with Trayvon Martin and we want to get the word out that racism is still here and we need to come together and put aside any inequality and stand together.”

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