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Students catch summer bug

Stephany KaufmanStaff Writer
As the weather gets warmer, students are growing anxious for the spring semester to come to an end and for summer to finally begin. The temptation to soak up the sun often distracts students from schoolwork and the exams looming ahead.
“With the weather getting nicer and the days getting longer, it’s hard for me to stay focused on the work I need to do to make it to the end of the year,” Haley Hart, sophomore math major, said. “All I want to do is go outside.”
Jon Reynolds, freshman communications major, said he understands why it is difficult for many students to accomplish their schoolwork as summer grows closer.
“As we remain inside, we are reminded of the tasks that we have to do for class,” Reynolds said. “The impending assignments or exams bother us, so we choose to avoid it all until the very last moment, then finally force ourselves into work mode.”
Reynolds said he–much like many other students–is likely to choose spending time outside over being cooped up in a dorm room doing homework.
“When you look at your two options as a comparison, which option would you rather do?” Reynolds said. “Stay inside and do homework as you look outside your window wishing you were doing something else, or enjoy your free time in a stress-free environment and enjoying the sun?”
Some students, such as freshman undecided major Matt Tazzioli, allow themselves to get distracted by the weather and simply cross their fingers that it will not cause them to fail their classes.
“I usually just don’t do anything and hope it works out,” Tazzioli said with a grin.
Hart said she is not taking any chances with the Mayans’ predictions that the world will end in 2012–and as such, she wants to enjoy the summer of 2012 as much as she can.
“If it’s our last summer on earth I’d like it to come quicker than it is,” she said. “School needs to hurry up and be done with!”
Adrianna Restiano, junior psychology major, said she also experiences spring fever but uses the warm weather to her advantage.
“It’s definitely difficult to stay motivated during the spring semester, especially when the weather is starting to be so much nicer,” Restiano said, “but I think it helps to do homework and studying outside so you can still enjoy the sun while staying on top of your schoolwork.”
Hart said she has one small suggestion to offer for those who are experiencing spring fever.
“Shutting the shades helps a little,” she said.
Crystal Campagna, sophomore nursing major, said the anticipation of summer also makes it tough for her to stay focused.
“When it gets closer to the end of the semester, just knowing that classes are coming to an end makes me less motivated,” Campagna said, “especially if I’m doing good in my classes. I begin to look ahead to the summer and think about how much I can’t wait to relax after an entire year of working hard.”
However, Campagna said she keeps herself motivated by remembering why she is in school to begin with.
“I keep myself on track by reminding myself that I’m working towards my future career and the work needs to be done in order to reach my success,” Campagna said, exclaiming, “count down the days!”

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