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Fix that resume on campus


With spring break now in the past and classes well underway for the last stretch of the semester, the Career Fair that was held April 3 has many students looking forward to finding employment.

With a potential job on the line for some, being prepared is a necessity: Resumania is the program created by the Center of Career Services to help students do that and organize for future job interviews.

Senior Liberal Arts Major, Heather Vancura, said she understands the value of having a resume prepared before going job hunting and said she would take the help once closer to graduation.

“It’s really important; without a resume you aren’t going to get a job. If I was graduating this year I would’ve gone to the program,” Vancura said.

Taking place three different times a semester, Resumania is a 10 to 15-minute on-the-spot review by professional staff workers from the Career Services who help students develop, refine and present a professional resume.

On March 29, between Morrill and Jennings Hall, Patricia K. Whelan, director of Cooperative Education at the Center for Career Services, was one of the consultants available to help students with their resumes.

“Each semester we have been doing it about three times; we try to do this in different locations around the campus,” Whelan said. “Our office is located in Schwartz Hall and we know that it’s difficult sometimes for students to get over there, so what we try to do is bring our services into the Southern community.”

Working at the Career Services for the past five years and doing Resumania for the past four years, Whelan said she understands that many students can be busy but said the importance of having a well-made resume can better a person’s chances for being invited in for an interview.

“We encourage students to start on their resumes early on because it’s an ongoing document and sometimes students do not realize how much they’ve done,” Whelan said. “You really want to think about what you’re putting on there and why you’re putting that information on there.”

With the next Resumania scheduled for April 18, in the Engleman Rotunda, Whelan also addressed the different services that the Center of Career Services and that Resumania is not the only time when help is offered.

“In our office we offer one-on-one appointments and we host a variety of workshops throughout the academic year, “ she said. “It is so important especially with this economic job market. Your resume can represent your strengths in relation to the field you want to go into.”

Another senior and Liberal Arts major, Matt Gilbane, who is graduating at the end of this semester, said he was looking to take the opportunity to get opinions from other professionals ahead of the Career Fair.

“A lot of English teachers go over resumes and do things like that, but there are many different styles,” Gilbane said, “I feel like it would be good to get a professional look at it and get their opinion on what style would be best for your major.”

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