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Event to educate students on social media explosion

RYAN MORGANManaging Editor

Doug Belliveau, a senior, was one of many students teaming up with professors to coordinate this week’s event, “Nuclear Explosion of Social Media and Advertising.” Hosted by the Communication Department, the program will highlight the tsunami of change that has occurred in the advertising and promotion industry in the last five years, sparked by a fusion of old and new initiatives. The event will be from 4-7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28, in Engleman C112.
What is this week’s event?
It’s a social media and advertising extravaganza. We’re going to talk about how social media affects advertising, how it used. The keynote speaker Danielle Consigli is a Southern grad who works at Madison Square Garden with social and mobile marketing. She is going to talk about how Madison Square Garden uses it to reach out to audience appeal to certain people.
Do you think most students today using social media fully understand how it can be used in a business setting?
In a business setting, no. Everyone knows what the websites and applications are but don’t realize how it can be applied to a personal business. It’s cool to see how certain companies use media like Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare to bring in more business.
What do you think students primarily use social media as?
Just a way to connect with people they know. They express themselves and do what they want.
Do you think there is a negative side to social media?
There is a negative side to everything. Sometimes people don’t know how to use social media the right way and can damage a person’s reputation and get negative feedback immediately, right in the open. These situations can be bad, but others can be amazing. Look at the spread of the Kony video. Kony became famous and that was only possible through Facebook and Twitter.
What can people expect at this event?
They can expect to learn how to effectively use social media as a free form of advertising to promote themselves, or businesses and maybe even get a job. Six or seven people working in businesses are coming. Who knows, maybe this is a networking opportunity for someone. We have presenters talking about how they themselves use social media to make money and promote their businesses as well.
What was your role in planning the event?
I helped design posters and general event coordination. We got a grant from SAFAC to help buy food. There will be 22 pizzas—free food!
How many people on the team?
Three to five professors helped out and other students to put this whole thing together.
So many people believe the misconception that social media is for younger generations. What did you find working with professors on an event like this?
It was definitely interesting; we worked mostly with the Communication Department. Advertising teachers have taught me about social media and applications in classes, but it was cool to work with them this time. Instead of learning from them, I was learning with them; it was a very cool experience.

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