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Financial aid standards to change in fall

Tamika AlexanderStaff Writer

Southern students can look forward to new Satisfactory Academic Progress standards to go in effect for the fall 2012 semester. The Department of Financial Aid sent out a newsletter and new policy guidelines to students this past week.

Students placed on academic probation have to adhere to certain guidelines in order to receive financial aid, according to the SCSU website.

Who will be affected by this change depends on a student’s progress with grade point average and credits earned, according to Lewis DeLuca, associate director of the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

In the new SAP policy, “There are changes to qualitative and quantitative standards,” DeLuca said. “Undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0.”

The new policy not only applies to undergraduates but also to graduate students.

“In addition, undergraduate students and graduate students are expected to successfully complete at least 67 percent of their credits attempted at SCSU,” said DeLuca.

The prior policy had different GPA standards and earned credits for undergraduate and graduate students.

Southern, along with the federal government, creates the guidelines for students to abide by.

“The federal government sets guidelines, and the university administration creates a policy to ensure that student aid applicants are progressing through their academic program at an acceptable pace, while maintaining an acceptable cumulative GPA,” said DeLuca.

For some students, this new policy can really affect their collegiate careers, said student T’Nauri Woodbridge.

According to Southern’s website, “Students failing one or more of the SAP standards are ineligible to receive financial aid from the programs managed by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for the entire academic year.”

“Many students rely on financial aid to attend school, and if they aren’t able to meet the requirements to receive financial aid, they may have to drop out. But I do think it’s fair to have guidelines,” said Woodbridge. “These new standards may open students’ eyes and cause them to work harder because they know they have to.”

“I’ve never been on academic probation, but I feel like it’s needed because some students take for granted the financial help they get. And it’s not fair because there are students who really need the help and are not receiving it,” said student Jonae Llanos. “I think people will be more academically responsible and try a little harder because a lot people can’t afford to pay for college and room and board on their own.”

There are some exceptions to the guidelines, according to Southern’s website. Not only is death in the family an exception to the guidelines, but also injury or illness to a student.

“If extenuating circumstances exist which caused the student to fail one of the SAP standards, the student can submit an appeal for reinstatement of his/her financial aid as determined by SCSU,” according to the website.

A student has to file an appeal form and complete a written statement that tells the reasons the student did not meet the SAP guidelines and what the student has changed in order to meet the standards during the next academic year, according to the website. If the appeal is denied the student loses financial aid, but if the appeal is approved the student is placed on financial aid probation.

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