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‘All-Star Challenge’

ELIZABETH DISHIANSpecial to Southern News

With fliers posted all over campus and notifications through Facebook, students are talking about getting involved with the All-Star Fitness Challenge.
“It would be really cool to get my whole lacrosse team registered and engaged with the challenge because it will help us stay in shape and also bond as a team,” said Jessica Shaw, a junior exercise science major.
In its third year at the Fitness Center, the All-Star Challenge is a free six-week program for anybody at Southern including faculty and staff. Registration ended Jan. 29. The challenge begins Feb. 1 and ends March 13.
Jessica Scibek, assistant director of the Fitness Center, said that any student could join the challenge and work out at any gym they want, exercise in their dorms, play intramurals or participate as a Southern athlete. It doesn’t matter where or when they work out, as long as they are starting or staying active, she said.
“I don’t think enough students are active on campus,” Fitness Center employee Amanda Meador said. “I feel like there is a big cloud of misunderstanding when it comes to fitness and what the general student body thinks of it.”
The All-Star Challenge developed a point system for anyone to set goals that are achievable to them personally. Students who exercise in the gym and play intramural sports may not realize how many minutes per day they are working out, Scibek said.
There are three different goals challengers can choose from: 800, 1,000 and 1,500 minutes. Participants can earn up to 100 points per day; they earn one point with every minute of exercise.
“My favorite part of the challenge is that the participants can choose their point-goal from a variety of options,” Meador said. “We have lower goals for beginner exercisers or for people who are just starting to be more active, or higher point goals for the more experienced exerciser.”
Bonus points are also being offered to participants throughout the six-week challenge. One bonus point event will be Zumba, which is a heart-health event that is also free to attend. Challengers can go to the Adanti Student Center Ballroom and dance for an hour, earning 60 points and an additional 10 points for participating, said Scibek.
Participants will also be a part of a mailing list that will send them tips and information about upcoming fitness events that will allow them to earn more bonus points. At the end of the challenge, the first 100 students and first 20 faculty and staff members to hand in the tracking sheet by March 13 will receive a free T-shirt, according to the fliers.
“The T-shirt is the main prize, but hopefully people will be feeling better and if someone’s goal is to lose weight hopefully they’ve lost a couple pounds,” Scibek said. “Hopefully the people who wanted to be stronger have become stronger, or faster, or less stressed or are sleeping better.”
The Fitness Center staff said they want the campus to become more active and that the challenge will help students do so.
“I want everybody to exercise and to find a form of exercise that they enjoy or bothers them less,” said Scibek. “So hopefully this will be an opportunity for people to try something different or finally get started.”

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