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Apple lawsuit settlement results in reimbursments

 SIMONE VIRZIGeneral Assignment Reporter

Whether in class or working on homework, many students are typing away on Apple computers. However, they may not know they could be one of the 10 million Apple customers who could benefit from a settlement for Apple adapters.

Customers throughout the country have brought the case to Apple claiming that the “MagSafe” adapter, which comes with the computer, is defectively designed and manufactured. Customers involved in the lawsuit were also saying the defects can cause the adapter to fray, spark, overheat, melt or prematurely fail, according to the press release.

Apple will replace frayed adapters and reimburse costumers who paid to replace a frayed adapter, up to the full retail value of the product, according to the press release.

“This settlement provides an excellent result for customers,” said Mehri & Skalet partner Craig Briskin. “Our objective in this case was to compensate class members for the damages they sustained as a result of the defective design, and we believe we have achieved that goal.”

This settlement will give customers cash who had to purchase replacement adapters because their issued adapter failed, and it will also provide an extended replacement program whereby Apple will replace adapters showing signs of strain relief damage for customers without a charge, according to the press release.

“The claims process is streamlined to help make it easy for customers to participate in the settlement,” said Helen Zeldes of Zeldes and Haeggquist, LLP. “Customers can even request a duplicate receipt from Apple via the settlement website.”

Apple customers have until March 21 to receive a cash reimbursement between $35-$79 if they had to replace their adapter using their own money. Customers will also have until May 21 to receive a free replacement adapter from Apple.

Customers can receive replacement adapters at an Apple Retail Store, Apple Authorized Service Provider, or by contacting AppleCare.

Katy Hyland, a senior art major, said she has had a MacBook from 2008. She said she does not have a MagSafe adapter, nor has she ever heard of one, but she has not had an issue with her adapter.

“The only problem I had was I needed a new hard drive because I didn’t have enough space,” said Hyland. “And I had to get a new CD drive.”

Garrett DeCrosta, a senior journalism major, said he currently owns a PC but has been recently looking into buying a Mac computer.

“I want to get a Mac because I strongly believe Mac is [basically] taking over the world,” said DeCrosta. “I would be a fool not to learn their operating system so I can help people not as well equipped with technology as much as I am. Apple is all about ease of use [and] is one of the world’s leading companies right now; they have more money than the U.S.”

DeCrosta said he was not previously aware of the current Apple lawsuit. However, he said it would not affect his decision to purchase a Mac computer.

“All of their products are built to last,” he said. “One product mishap doesn’t define a company. All products have issues: Xbox 360s, PS3s, TVs, Zunes, everything.”

For more information on the MagSafe power adapter settlement or to file a claim, visit the settlement website: http://www.

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