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NFL effect on campus


With the National Football League rolling into its 14th week of the season, football fans on Southern’s campus are beginning to “feel the pressure,” according to advertising and promotions major, Adrian Gardner. Gardner, who supports the Dallas Cowboys, said he would rather watch a football game than do his homework.
“I have been late with my school work plenty of times because of football. Not only that, but I will miss class if I stay up late to watch a night game,” said Gardner. Though he said he gets extremely mad and throws stuff when his team loses, Gardner said watching the sport is beneficial to him.
“It helps me to relieve stress whenever I watch the games and see the players get big hits or make big plays,” said Gardner. “It brings back happy memories of football.”
Gardner, who has played football for 13 years, said it is a crucial part of his life and doesn’t know what he would do without it.
“I would go crazy. I wouldn’t have anything to watch,” said Gardner. “Almost on an everyday basis I am arguing with someone on campus about football. It is a part of my everyday routine.”

Mark Lofaro, a 21-year-old video production major, said football brings students together on campus.
“You come to meet other football fans on campus and it’s like, ‘Hey let’s get together on Sunday,’ or ‘Let’s order some wings and watch the game,’” said Lofaro. “It is a great way to meet other people.”
Lofaro, who is the technical director at SCSU TV and a die-hard New York Giants fan, said people need an outlet and without sports, there is none.
“Ever since I was young, it was a bond I had with my Dad. It’s how I spend my entire Saturday and Sunday,” said Lofaro. “Also, I look up to some NFL players as role models and iconic figures.” Although he said he does not let football interfere with his school work, Lofaro said the outcome of the Giants game determines his mood for the upcoming week.
“When my team loses I am in a bad mood and very testy. Once I start hearing about the injury updates and the reports for the upcoming week, I start feeling a little better.”
Garrett Owen, a 24-year-old journalism major, said it’s always fun being on campus on Monday to talk football with other fans.
“There is always somebody to talk to or debate with. It’s just fun because everybody has different opinions,” said Owen. “I love to argue with my friends because I know I’m right.”
Although he is not an avid football watcher, Owen said talking about the sport helps him get his mind off things.
“Sometimes with school and work you’re always stressed, so talking about football or sports in general is a good way to just relax,” said Owen.

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