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Finals, holidays and stress


It’s almost that time of year where the trees start to get bare, winter clothes come out from hiding and children start preparing their wish lists. But not everyone is feeling comfort and joy during the most stressful time of year like Lena McMorran, psychology graduate student, who said she feels more stressed than blessed.

Because final week involves studying, concentration and responsibility, McMorran said it is hard to balance school work with Christmas shopping, as it adds un-needed stress to an already stressful time of year. 

“I know Christmas time is supposed to be a time for sharing and giving, but honestly, we all know it’s about what kind of gifts to get our family and friends,” McMorran said laughing. “So when Christmas comes around I stress even more than normal because finals week is right before Christmas. It’s hard enough studying for four classes as it is, adding studying for finals and worrying about what to get this one or that one on top of that.” 

Nursing major Kathy Mahon said she tries not to let the stress of the holidays get to her, as she focuses more on what her final project will be rather than worry about what gifts her family may or may not like. 

“It happens every year to me,” said Mahon, “every single year. I worry about what to get mom or dad or whoever so much that I almost neglect my responsibility to study for finals, only to have them end up not liking what I bought them anyway. So this year, I am focusing more on my studies and less on shopping. My parents want it that way anyway.” 

According to Women’s Services and Resources, an online organization that offers counseling and seminars about current women’s issues, students find themselves more stressed during Christmas more than any other time of year due to preparing for finals. Managing time, scheduling breaks, exercising frequently and avoiding all-nighters will help students enjoy the holiday season while getting through finals week. 

Nursing major and mother Renea Voira said she went back to school to receive a bachelor’s degree in nursing in order to better the lives of her family members, and although stress plays a role when both studying and holidays are mixed, she said she is prepared. 

“I naturally get stressed out when I’m trying to finalize a project or study for three different exams,” said Voira, “but I don’t and can’t let it get to me. I set aside a certain amount of money way in advance each year so things like stress and panic don’t happen. Now I can focus more on my work and graduating and it feels good.”

Writing a to-do list, according to Women’s Services and Resources, is another way of keeping calm during the holiday season. Writing a list of assignments, shopping items and other tasks lets students become more organized by prioritizing them, so that way students are able to maintain their grades. 

“I think if students like me can make it through the holidays with decent grades in the end,” said Mahon, “we deserve to get a little spoiled for Christmas.

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