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First annual day of Peace to honor John Lennon’s legacy

REBECCA BAINER — General Assignment Reporter

In a tribute to the anniversary of John Lennon’s death one Southern professor is trying to promote peace across campus through “The Day of Peace” which will take place on December 1.

Professor Michael Ruscoe is teaching a freshman inquiry class about the theme of Beatles Rock and Roll and teen culture, and said when he noticed the last day of the class was on the anniversary of John Lennon’s death he wanted to do something in honor of the late musician.

“I thought we really shouldn’t let that anniversary go by,” said Ruscoe, “without some sort of tribute or memorial to John Lennon’s Legacy”

What Rusoce came up with was the day of peace since he said Lennon spent most of his life advocating for world peace.

“I thought that it would be fitting to have a campus wide day of peace in which we would promote peace within ourselves, across the campus, across the community, across the nation and around the world,” said Ruscoe.

“It seems kind of ambitious but I thought we would give it a try.”

Rusoce said on Dec 1 there will be a number of activities to promote peace around campus, but the main events will take place in Lyman. Rusoce said the entertainment will include performances by the dance club, step team, a talent show and guest speakers.

“The mayor has committed to come and speaking at the day of peace,” said Ruscoe. “We are going to be inviting dignitaries from Southern to speak as well.”

There will also be clubs and organizations set up around campus discussing how they promote peace and Ruscoe said all the activities of the day are free to students.

“We are celebrating peace and asking everybody to take a few minutes and think about how peace can play a part in their lives,” said Ruscoe.

“One of his [Lennon’s] most famous songs that he wrote after leaving the Beatles was give peace a chance.”

Ruscoe said in addition to the Day of Peace, the day before on November 30 two world war veterans are coming to campus to speak.

Brittany Fedus, a freshman art education major is in Ruscoe inquiry class and said she, along with her classmates has been involved in coordinating the event.

“My inquiring class is organizing, planning, and putting on the event,” said Fedus. “It is a fun project for our class and I think we all enjoy doing it!”

Fedus said she thinks it is important for students to participate in the day.

“We are hoping for this to be a campus-wide event spreading peace as much as possible throughout Southern,” said Fedus. “The message we are trying to relay is to spread peace within ourselves, across the campus, throughout the community, across the country and around the world. We have worked very hard in organizing many ways to expand the spread of peace.”

Ruscoe said there are a couple ways students can find peace in their daily lives in order to carry out this message, not just on the day of peace, but on every day of the year.

“I think what people have to think about initially is how they treat themselves and how they go about treating others,” said Ruscoe. “I guess it’s a personal decision and they have to think about how peace can benefit themselves and what they can do to promote that.”

Fedus said she hopes students will attend the events and find peace in their lives.

“Enjoying each day will bring peace within yourself through your hobbies and your interests,” said Fedus. “It’s going to be a fun event and I encourage everyone to attend.”

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