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SCSU gym membership half price

Sean Meenaghan — Photo EditorSAVANNAH MUL — Staff Writer

Don’t give in to the $60 pair of jeans, or the cup of coffee every day that adds up to over to $50 a month; instead spend only $35 on a gym membership at SCSU, said Jessica Scibek, the fitness center coordinator.

“We’ve have been doing this offer for the past 5 years, where students will pay only $35 at the halfway mark of the semester,” she said. “Everyone should be able to have fair access to the fitness center at any time during the semester.”

The reduced membership cost from originally $60 at the beginning of the semester is something students don’t know a lot about, Scibek said.

All the same features are included: a free introduction orientation to the gym, access to all the equipment and classes the students wish to attend and no extra class fees. There are over 1,000 students who are members of the Fitness Center gym, according to Scibek.

“The gym is very convenient. I try to go five days a week and take advantage of the treadmills,” said Jennifer Hebert, sophomore library science major, who had just come from her weekly workout.

Scibek said the Fitness Center offers students to try a seven-day free trial for those who want to test out the gym and see if they want to make it a part of their college lifestyle.

“The student can see if they want to make the expense commitment,” said Scibek. “We offer this trial once per semester for every student. We want to make it possible for them to use the gym.”

According to the Fitness Center website, if the student decides to get a membership, the individual’s Hoot Loot card is the only acceptable form of payment. According to Scibek, decreasing the membership cost at the halfway point in the semester is definitely fulfilling the needs of students at SCSU.

“We had 25 students already on the first day, so we feel we’re already meeting the needs,” said Scibek.

Megan O’Lena, sophomore theater major and commuter, said the Fitness Center gym is very convenient for her.

“I take the beginners’ yoga class and on top of that I go to the gym three times a week,” O’Lena said, as she was waiting for her workout buddy to arrive. “I live close to Southern so it’s very convenient.”

Classes that currently are being offered at the Fitness Center are yoga and strength training, indoor cycling and kickboxing, Zumba and sculpt training. Most of the classes have student instructors Scibek said, which is a good way to learn.

Caley Brooks, freshman communication disorders major, said she loves the yoga class on Fridays at noon because it helps her relieve stress from the week.

“I go to the gym as much as possible during the week. But always on Friday you can count on me to be at yoga. It’s a good way to unwind after a busy week,” Brooks said.

Starting next semester, students coming back for winter break can look forward to the start of the annual fitness challenge. Scibek said they’ve been organizing this for the past three years and it’s designed for students to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

“The fitness challenge is open to all nonmembers and members. It last for six weeks, in which the individual sets goals for themselves,” Scibek said. “Each exercise gets counted in a set goal point system. You get a free T-shirt for just completing points.”

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