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Wellness Center brings awareness

GARRET DECROSTASpecial to the Southern News

Exercising and eating right is important. Treats such as chocolate cake, ice cream, cotton candy, cookies are all harmful to the human body. With the new school year kicking off for students it is important to build healthy habits early and keep the habit of eating right. Southern has teamed up with Cyrena Duncan to send that message to Southern Connecticut State University students in New Haven.

“The program is More Matters.” She said. “We want to help students incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diet.”

The event began at 11 a.m. on Sept. 14 and ran until 1 p.m. A table was set up outside of the Adanti Student Center which had a good source of reading material for students. One of the pamphlets told students how to properly clean their vegetables.

“Some people use cleaning soaps or other specific materials to clean their fruits and vegetables and that is not correct,” said Duncan. “That is not necessary. Simply running water from the faucet does just fine.”

Students also got to have a little goodie bag full of fun treats and facts as well. Vanessa DiMauro, a student at Southern Connecticut, had a very light breakfast and was thrilled to find the table on her way to class.

“I got two packets of carrots, an apple, and raisins,” she said. “I noticed the table on my way to class. I think it is a wonderful idea to promote health awareness.”

More Matters also offered students a “Colors of Health” packet which gave all sorts of interesting facts about the foods on the table for students. Dark chocolate lowering blood pressure, raisins making up 17 percent of your daily intake for iron, and low cholesterol decreasing eye problems are some of the vital facts in the packet. Not only did students get their share of free food, but they also took some information home with them. Students learned about the importance of exercise from the staff involved with the More Matters program.

Rose Blaise, another student at Southern, was walking by with some friends on the way back from her class.

“I go to the gym twice a week and run three times a week for four miles.” She said. “I also work at a pharmacy. There is a lot of medicine for dealing with high cholesterol.”

Students and faculty need to do more than just eat fruits and vegetables to take care of their body. Exercise goes a long way to maintaining a healthy, physical and mental life style.

According to the Southern home page, the Wellness Center plans to incorporate Cholesterol Awareness Month at the school by creating a new event every Wednesday for the rest of the month. The National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is left for this month. Next month is breast cancer awareness month and will focus on activities and events for that month trying to increase awareness for breast cancer.

“Cholesterol month is very important. Students should know that lower cholesterol lowers stress levels. Exercise also maintains stress levels as well,” said Duncan.

The students and staff at Southern can look forward to other great programs run by the Wellness Center here on campus.

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