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Leadership program to Launch at Southern

Rebecca BainerGeneral Assignments Reporter
“Southern already has a number of student leaders who participate in different leadership programs,” said Sal Rizza, Associate Director of Student Life, and by the end of the week the campus community will officially be a part of an additional leadership program, the National Society of Leadership and Success.
Rizza, whose role has been to coordinate this initiative along with the Office of Student Life said the program has similarities to an Aca¬demic Honor Society.
“While an Academic Honor Society tra¬ditionally focuses on recognizing a student’s academic achievements and helping them explore their specific discipline” said Rizzo, “the National Society of Leadership and Success focuses on allowing students to explore their leadership potential, discuss leadership with their peers, and participate in programs that will help students develop their leadership knowledge.”
Rizza said the program is being brought to the Southern campus based on the positive response from student leaders who participated in other leadership programs such as the lead¬ership retreats, first-year student leadership program, and other leadership development conferences and opportunities.
“We have been working to increase the opportunities we offer to students to expand their leadership exploration,” said Rizza. “In researching different ways to provide these opportunities, we discovered the National Soci¬ety of Leadership and Success, which we believe will continue to fill the needs of our students.”
Rizza said to become involved with the pro¬gram Student Life staff members and members of the Student Government Association were in contact with the society and participated in a web presentation to learn more.
“We were very impressed with the qual¬ity of the program, presentation,” said Rizza, “and applied to host a charter on Southern’s campus.”
Rizza said by the end of the week the Uni¬versity will have completed all the steps required by the society, but this is only one of many new initiatives that will be introduced to students this year.
According to the National Society of Lead¬ership and Success website the society currently has 275 colleges participating with 141,408 members nationwide.
Rizza said in the past the society has hosted speakers, and although speakers will not visit campus they will be webcast to participating universities.
“The quality of the speakers that the society has hosted over the past years is quite impres¬sive,” said Rizza. “As part of the society all stu¬dents will be able to participate in the programs. While joining the society is by invitation, the programs that the society provides are open to all students.”
Rizza said seniors with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above along with students who have earned over 30 credits and a GPA of 2.5 or above (that are involved with clubs, organizations and campus groups) will be invited to join the society and there is a one time membership fee.
“The Office of Student Life will provide a list of eligible students to the society and they will send invitations to those students,” said Rizza. “It is important to note that joining the society will require a student to attend several programs, participate in web conferences, and complete several written assignments before they are inducted.”
Rizza said students who are interested in joining the program can contact the office of Student Life at (203) 392-5782.
“We hope that students will have another opportunity to grow as student leaders,” said Rizza, “so that they can continue to prepare to be active, educated and strong citizens in a com¬petitive and challenging world.”
Stephanie Guerrerea, graduate intern in the Office of Student Life said she was brought on to the project and she thinks it‘s an honor for students to be recognized at a national level.
“I think that it gives them more of a sense of validation that all of their hard work is not in vain,” said Guerrera. “It also gives them a lot more support on the national level. We support them obviously, but now it gives them that sec¬ond layer of support.”

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