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Jobs for CSUS Graduates rises to nearly 90 percent

Melissa ChickerNews Writer
With economic times tough and jobs difficult to come by, it seems for recent college graduates jobs would be hard to find.
An annual survey was done by the Connecticut State University System (CSUS) one year after recent graduates received their diplomas from either Central, Eastern, Southern or Western Connecticut State University, and have reported nearly 90 percent have obtained either a new, higher level or higher paying job—up slightly from a year ago.
This percentage is significantly higher than the 60 percent who responded in previous years. Though the numbers of those who have obtained jobs have remained strong, the percentage of those who are fully employed compared to those who are employed part time has declined.
Among 2010 graduates, 62 percent full time and 28 percent part time compared to 2008 when 71 percent were employed full time and 20 percent of graduate working part time.
“While full time and part time have shifted based on the economy, students are still employed and that shows how well the state schools do in preparing its students for their careers,” said Bernard Kavaler, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs for CSUS.
According to the CSUS website, nine in 10 CSUS graduates stay in the state, which is important at a time when many recent college graduates have been leaving Connecticut. Demands in the state have continued to rise and have given new job opportunities for graduates.
Students who are wondering how they can find jobs or where to start looking after graduation can go to the Center for Career Services on campus. Career Services helps students to prepare and guide them on the right path to finding a job in their major or career options if students are unsure. Career Services’ mission, according to their page on Southern’s website, is to develop and provide innovative programs, resources and services which will empower students to explore, define, prepare for and realize their career objectives.
“I think because of the tight job market it is important for students to look at all of their career options and job opportunities related to that particular major. Something they have to think of outside of the box,” said Director Marguerite Fadden.
Career Services helps Southern students prepare for future jobs by helping develop resumes, interviewing skills, networking, the correct wardrobe, professionalism and how to handle the stress of a new job. They also hold events and workshops to guide students with their decisions.
The Career Center also has a website calls JOBSs, an online job connection for students to find job openings, internships and co-ops. This provides more opportunities and experience when students begin looking for jobs after graduation.
“Employers get a better idea of what skills those students will bring and will be more open to hire students that have graduated from Southern because of the skills and experience they have received from their internships or co-ops,” said Patricia Whelan, Director Cooperative Education of the Career Center at Southern.
A study done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that 42.3 percent of the seniors who had internship experience and applied for a job received at least one job offer. In their internship survey, employers expect to hire 7 percent more interns for 2010 to 2011 than they hired last year. This helping college graduates, including those from Southern.
Hiring expectations have risen for majors in engineering, business and accounting. According to NACE, most employers plan to hire those who graduate with bachelor’s degrees and over half will hire those earning masters degrees.

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