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WSIN General Manager reflects on experience, looks forward to what’s next

Kaitlin O’Brien, gemeral manager, of WSIN.

Senior Kaitlin O’Brien, general manager of WSIN, comments on station goals she has overseen.
(Q)What is your current position?
(K.O.)General manager at WSIN Radio, intern at the Z100 radio station Morning Show in New York City.
(Q)What was your original goal going into the position?
(K.O.)To collaborate with other organizations and bring in even more members than we’ve had in the past. Also, to provide an extremely friendly environment everyone likes to be in.
(Q)Have you met those goals?
(K.O.)Yes. I think that our organization is known as a friendly one and we have a lot of dedicated people. To the best of my ability, with the help of my executive board, I’ve brought in a lot of members.
(Q)What’s been your most exciting/interesting experience as GM?
(K.O.)I would say our annual concert, Sinfest. We have always done a concert outdoors and because of the weather it was held indoors. It was a much more extensive process. I was the first GM to have a concert indoors and it was the most successful Sinfest we’ve had. It meant a lot to me that I was able to put that on with the help of my executive board.
(Q)What have your challenges been?
(K.O.)I would say the biggest would be getting a different group of people to help out. I see that it’s always been the same group of dedicated members. The same people who are really dedicated to radio are the ones who have helped out.
(Q)Did your internship at Z100 radio station give you greater insight for your work at WSIN?
(K.O.)A lot of what I learned about people and about editing, I brought and shared with members of the executive board for new things to try on air.
(Q)What experiences will carry on into your professional life?
(K.O.)The communication with others. As leader of an organization you have to be willing to talk to anyone and discuss things with people who have authority. I can talk to anyone about anything and not be nervous.
(Q)What else have you been involved in while at Southern?
(K.O.)Besides being involved with WSIN for four years, I’ve been heavily involved with the Society of Professional Journalists, where I was president this year.
(Q)What are your plans after graduation?
(K.O.)I do have a passion for radio, so it will definitively be something in radio. My internship has provided me with a greater willingness to try new things.
—Stephanie Paulino

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