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Annual fair explores yoga and natural medicine

Students were given helpful tips at the Health and Wellness Fair.

Lauren Kurty, Staff Writer:
Following the brightly colored balloons, the Southern community was greeted by many tables in equally brightly colored tablecloths bringing them into the Health and Wellness fair.
The fair was held on Wednesday, April 27 in the Adanti Student Center Ballroom. Everyone who was interested was invited to browse the booths and get information about yoga, natural medicine, and the health offices at SCSU as well.
The event was advertised by the event calendars on the school website, as well as e-mails on a daily basis. Amanda Rodriquez, a volunteer at the fair and freshman public health major, said the fair could have been better advertised.
“There should have been more signs,” she said. “People don’t check their e-mail.”
Moira Duffy, who is studying for her Master of Arts in women’s studies, and is a graduate intern in the Health and Wellness department, said even though this is her first year as an intern the department has been having these fairs for a long time.
“Our office does them every year, it’s an annual thing,” she said.
Students like Chloé Girot, sophomore recreation and leisure major, had a few specific reasons for attending the fair beside the fact that she had never been to one before.
“I’m a transfer student,” she said. “I was interested and had free time.”
Nutrition, fire safety, angel readings-these were some of the additional booths at the Health and Wellness Fair. Girot was most interested in learning about the chiropractic field.
“Chiropractic work,” she said. “I’ve always been interested, [but] I wouldn’t want to go into it.”
Rodriquez sais she believes learning about health and wellness is significant not only for students but for everyone in general, because learning about nutrition changed her life and it became her major here.
“It’s my major, I used to be really obese,” she said. “I’m really into nutrition.”
Although colleges have wellness departments, Girot said colleges really need to have wellness fairs like this one.
“I think it brings awareness to things you haven’t thought about as a college student,” she said.
The health and wellness section of the Southern website provides information based on specific interests relatable to college students, like depression, stress and protecting yourself while at school, and the site provides links and contact information depending on the specific issue that a visitor of the website has.
There are several issues facing college students today. Stressors are common, according to, which provides information about dealing with stress on an everyday basis.
“College students experiencing stress must develop a good stress management plan and good time management techniques. You can, too. But you’ll need to get organized, put some stress management plans in place, and manage your time wisely,” states the site.
Duffy, as an intern in the department said she believes that wellness is important considering it’s the main focus of the department.
“The wellness department, that’s what they do exclusively,” she said.
Health and wellness is an important topic for college students to be aware of, Rodriquez said, that’s exactly why students needed to attend the fair, to learn more about the basics of being healthy individuals.
“They should know more about being healthy,” she said. “A lot of people don’t know the basics.”

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