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Students assist in catching suspect of car break-in

Jessica Giannone
General Assssignment Reporter
Lock the doors, hide the valuables and be on the lookout: tips encouraged by Southern police following the attempted break-in of a Honda last Monday in the upper portion of the dog leg parking lot of Brownell Hall.
An alarm sounded at the scene after the locked car had been “tampered with,” prompting two students to report the incident to which Officer Stephanie Bernard responded and ordered both individuals to stop.
“One took off on foot,” said Police Chief Joseph Dooley.
One individual, 22-year-old Brian Barrow of New Haven, was apprehended while the other one “fled to Blake Street.”
The students said two men had been walking around the Brownell parking lot, according to Dooley.
Dooley said Barrow was the “lookout” and stood in a gazebo in front of Brownell, while the other person, who is currently unidentified, attempted the break-in.
Dooley said Barrow has a criminal background and was charged with criminal trespassing in the third degree, possession of burglar tools, and criminal attempt to commit burglary in the third degree.
The police also found that Barrow was in possession of a camera, which belonged to a student whose car was stolen several days before the break-in incident. The camera was in the car, and Barrow said the camera was given to him, according to Dooley.
Dooley said Barrow will be due in court within the next two weeks, and there is an ongoing investigation to find the other suspect, which is also expected to take a couple of weeks. He said the police should have enough information on the suspect to pursue getting an arrest warrant for him to be charged.
In the investigation process, police look at known associates, descriptions and previous incidents to help find a suspect, according to Dooley. He noted that the “quick thinking” of students was very helpful to them.
“The information is instrumental in us putting the pieces of the puzzle together,” said Dooley. “We commend [the students] for what they did.”
He said it was a good example of students who were aware, and the level of cooperation the police receive from the community “really does” help keep everyone safe.
Dooley said police encourage students to utilize the shuttle system, walk in pairs or groups and keep police on speed dial.
“If you see something, say something,” Dooley said quoting the phrase from Homeland Security.
He said not to hesitate to call police if suspicious activity is seen. The main number is 203-392-5375.
“We view it as another set of eyes and ears to help us,” said Dooley.

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