Today: Jul 17, 2024

SGA petitions for signatures

Ryan Morgan, News Editor:
The Student Government Association has approved an updated constitution after three years of working on it. To put the constitution up for referendum, SGA needs fifteen percent of the undergraduate population to sign a petition in support of the changes.
“We’re going to advertise in campus media and table for signatures. We need about 11 or 12 hundred signatures within ten days after we start tabling,” said SGA President Ben McNamee. “Getting that many signatures for anything is difficult so that’s where we’ll reach our challenges.”
McNamee said SGA is currently operating under a 1993 constitution, which doesn’t work with current university policy.
“One of the biggest changes is we are trying to make SGA representatives serve a two year term. Right now, it is a one year term and inconsistent,” said McNamee. “The change would guarantee there is always someone in SGA who knows how we run. It will improve efficiency, communication, and fluency.”

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