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Multicultural Center hosts African art exhibit until May

Stephanie Paulino, Managing Editor:

Dian Brown-Albert, Director of the Multicultural Center.
After returning from a trip to Ghana, Africa, Marcia Smith-Glasper, director of the Office of Diversity and Equity approached the Multicultural Center with the idea for an exhibit influenced by the country’s art.

“She was fascinated by all the art,” said Multicultural Center Director, Dian Brown-Albert.

Inspired by Smith-Glasper’s vision, in it’s most recent exhibit the center’s gallery features work of artists from the entire continent in “Treasures of Africa: Out of Many, One People.”

Sponsored by the center and the Office of Diversity and Equity, the exhibit runs until May 5.

Without all the pieces to represent African culture, the center reached out to the Southern and New Haven communities for art by native African artists. The result is a collection of work on loan from the university’s faculty, staff, student groups and members of the surrounding community.

Multicultural Center showcases original pieces of African art.

The exhibit, said Brown-Albert, director of the center, said the exhibit is about appreciating artwork and awareness of different cultures.

“You don’t have to love art,” said Brown-Albert. “Every piece has a different meaning for everybody.”

Among the art on display, there is a book of over 100 different ceremonies, a handcrafted love globe from Kumasi, Ghana and traditional African garments donated by the African Student Association.

“It’s about appreciating the differences that we all have to offer,” said Brown-Albert.

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