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Campus hosts eating disorder awareness campaign

Men’s health week events highlight nutrition, fitness, and domestic violence awareness-

Maxwell Haddad, Staff Writer-

With the advent of National Eating Disorders Awareness Month, students have discovered a newfound focus on body image and eating habits, especially on how to maintain a healthy version of both. There have been several lectures and events to nurture this focus, and Monday marks the start of Men’s Health Week, with its own exciting events to follow.

Men’s health is something that doesn’t seem to come into question quite as often as women’s, but this week is specifically designed to change that, and to show that all the issues that women face when it comes to eating, exercise and weight can also apply to men.

Brigitte Stiles, associate director of Health Services for Wellness Programs, explained the timing of this year’s Men’s Health Week. 

“Although Men’s Health Week usually occurs every June, during the week leading up to and including Father’s Day, we felt March would be a better time on campus to begin to raise awareness about Men’s Health Issues,” said Stiles 

Moira Duffy, Health and Wellness Center graduate intern, said holding the Men’s Health Week initiative during Eating Disorder Awareness Month on campus is very fitting. 

Duffy said she feels men’s eating issues do not get their due recognition. 

“We now know we cannot discuss eating disorders without discussing the health implications of men who are also suffering,” said Duffy.

According to Stiles, the week will focus on three areas in particular which relate to men’s health: nutrition, fitness and domestic violence awareness. Men’s mental health will also be addressed. The organizers and presenters of this week’s programs hope to temporarily shift the spotlight from women’s perspective to men’s.

A key planned event, the Wellness Wednesday Program, will occur on Wednesday, March 2. This highly anticipated event, according to Stiles, will provide information on men’s health relating to depression, sexual health, eating disorders, steroids, smoking and heart disease. 

These events may also help women understand what men go through, and illustrate the fact men too struggle with issues of self-image. 

While everyone is invited to attend, this is primarily a week for the guys, as its name suggests. 

“[We hope the] programming will promote healthy eating and exercise, as well as form a support system between men on campus who may not normally come together,” said Duffy.

The team behind this coming week’s programs is Casey Canada, a student worker at the Health and Wellness Center and captain of the track and field team; Jim Hoffecker, a graduate intern from the Men’s Initiative, and Andrew Marullo, a graduate intern from the Fitness Center. Marullo said he will also be presenting on the topic of fitness at one of the week’s events.

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