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Community service has a new face with high involvement

Junior Stefan Keller, president of the Service Team, is working towards new connections.
Q: How old is the Service Team?

SK: We tried to get started last year but it didn’t get off the ground. We got it together last fall so we’re really only a semester old. Service Team is just a baby.

Q: For such a young organization, how do you have so many interested participants?

SK: A lot of people on campus are interested in community service but didn’t know where to go. This semester we advertised at the club fair and got a lot of members so I guess that shows the club fair works. People want to joining they just have to find our organization.

Q: Do you have a lot of active members participating in community service?
Yes and I know this because we asked members for their favorite service memories and a lot of people had memories from high school so we know they are serious.

SK: Speaking of personal service memories do you have a favorite?
I did Relay for Life in high school and after the event a survivor came up to me and thanked me which was really touching to see all you work for actually make a difference. We don’t do service for ourselves, we do it for the community to help as many people as we can. As he thanked me, I kept thinking we should actually be thanking him for battling cancer and surviving.

Q: What initiatives is the service team currently on?

SK: We’re working with the Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services. We did the backpack drive last fall so we’re continuing the partnership as well as working with new agencies who just came to the service fair such as Big Brother Big Sister. We’re working with organizations on campus like Omega Zeta Pi to form relationships, as well as identifying those clubs that already partake in community service and we’re going to try to highlight what they are doing. We also have the Big Event coming up that were planning with Student Life, SGA, Greek life and other service clubs like Habitat for Humanity and Colleges Against Cancer.

Q: How can students who aren’t involved in clubs or organizations be a part of the Big Event?

SK: We’re actually trying to target those people. Students can call student life to register and will soon be able to register online. Anyone can sign up individually or in a group. If you’re signing up with a friend we will keep you paired and send you to the same site.

Q: What sites are you currently looking at?

SK: We’re still working on finalizing it but we do know we want to keep it different than the Day of Service in terms of what we’re doing. For example instead of a clean up day, we’ll volunteer at places like Ronald McDonald House. Also people will be able to choose their site.

Q: What is your goal as president for the semester?

SK: We want more publicity so people around campus actually know we exist. We want to spread awareness of how people can get involved as well, something like a ‘do something’ campaign.

Q: What are your long term goals?

SK: We’re building towards growing numbers and hoping to collaborate with other organizations to make bigger better events. If people want more information they can email me at

Q: Is there anything else your thinking about?

SK: We want clubs to know we can help with their ideas. If they come to us we will roll with it. RHA is planning their Outreach Field Day so we’ll be helping out with that. Whatever an organization needs we’re here to help.

Q: When are your meetings?

SK: Wednesdays at 1 in the resource room, room 217. Anybody is welcome to join us.

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